My Dublin favourites: Food, Drinks, Dance

A lot of times I get asked about my favourite places to go to in Dublin. This is why I put together this list of things I would recommend to everyone who’s ever coming to Dublin.

Favourite Pizza

  • The Big Blue Bus, Bernard Shaw – A pub with a pizza bus in their courtyard. Definitely don’t miss out on it!
  • Di Fontaines – A New York Deli kinda place where I can never not stop by after a night out.
  • Manifesto – SO DELICIOUS.
  • Skinflint – So good that I’ve already written an article about it here.
Skinflint Pizza

Skinflint Pizza

Favourite Bar

  • No Name Bar – This bar just has a super cool vibe, cool crowd and an even cooler smoking area.
  • Chelsea Drug Store – Delicious cocktails and later at night you can even dance to a pretty cool DJ downstairs.
  • Bernard Shaw – Yes, the second mention here, but it’s just a pretty cool pub full of art and creative people.
Courtyard at Bernard Shaw

Courtyard at Bernard Shaw

Favourite Place to Dance

  • Workmans – I just love it there, even though I can’t really explain to you what it is about this place. But it’s great.

Favourite Café

  • Kaph – This is the place where I fell in love with Matcha. And apparently their coffee is pretty good as well. 
  • Queen of Tarts – Definitely don’t go there if you only want a quick coffee. Their choice of cakes is enormous and I’m sure none of you would be able to go out there without trying one!
Oh, the beauty of Kaph's Matcha!

Oh, the beauty of Kaph’s Matcha!

Favourite Dinner Spot

This is really hard because there are many cool places. Obviously the pizza places are all part of it but there are a few more.

  • Musashi – Really delicious Sushi in an authentic surrounding.
  • Yamamori – Another, maybe slighty fancier, Sushi place that I love.
  • Wow Burger – It started off as a Burger Place in Workman’s, but now they have different shops around town. Check it out, their fries and burgers are delicious!
  • Neon – A thai inspired restaurant that serves free ice cream with every dish!
Yamamori's Brown Rice Sushi

Yamamori’s Brown Rice Sushi

Favourite Sweets

  • Marks&Spencers Cookies – This is not really particularly Dublin-ish but whenever I’m there I NEED to get Cookies from M&S because they are just the best things ever.
  • Brownies from Camerino – I am madly into Brownies, which is why I’d recommend the ones from Camerino to you, but I’m pretty sure the rest if their baked goods are just as delicious!

Favourite Breakfast/Lunch/Brunch



Favourite Place to calm down and relax

  • Botanic Gardens – As I’ve said on my Instagram before, I need to spend more time at Botanic Gardens because they are just so soothing and relaxing, especially when you’re in a big city.
Botanic Gardens Dublin

Botanic Gardens Dublin


5 Quick Bites in Dublin, Ireland

I already fed you with a few quick bites for Munich, just in case you are in a rush, traveling solo or just not in the mood for an actual sit-down meal.
And because I know my way around Dublin as much as around Munich, I have a few quick bites for my lovely Irish second home as well.

#1 Dall’Italia Pasta Bar (4 Merchant’s Arch)


One of the main advantages of this place is, that it’s right in Temple Bar, so close enough to all the tourist places you might visit. It’s hidden in a little alley just by the Liffey and offers great Pasta dishes for a quick snack. You can either sit in (they have around 5 seats in there) or just take it away and sit down at one of the benches along the Liffey.

#2 Fumbally (Fumbally Lane)


Fumbally is a place, that is located in Dublin 8, close to the Teeling Whiskey Distillery and St Patrick’s Cathedral. It might not be one for the “quick bite” because they prepare everything freshly and you might have to wait a little bit but it’s great for solo travelers because it seems like the place has more costumers that are alone than groups of 2 or more. It’s the perfect place to sit down with your laptop and work or read a book in one of their comfy chairs, since the place has a real living room vibe with their vintage furniture and pictures on the walls.
They are open Tuesday-Saturday for breakfast, lunch and coffee and Wednesdays also for dinner. Check out their website for events they offer!

#3 KC Peaches (e.g. 27-29 Nassau Street or 54 Dame Street) 

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KC Peaches is a chain that is located all around Dublin. Two of the most interesting ones are the ones in Dame Street, Temple Bar and the one in Nassau Street, close to Stephen’s Green. They offer a range of different sandwiches, daily changing warm dishes on display, salads, soups and juices (all to eat in or take away).
It’s the perfect place to hide out for a bit when you’ve done too much walking and have a quick snack to refuel your energy for the next leg of exploring.

#4 Yum Thai Noodle Bar (Baggot Street Lower)


Another spot on the southside, close to St Stephen’s Green, where you can get a quick bite you shouldn’t miss if you like Asian food.
I, myself, am a huge fan of Asian and I think it’s always hard to find a place where you can get a great take away box (just like in the movies) filled with delicious noodles to eat on the go or sitting down somewhere. This place has it all. And for all those who still study, they also offer student discounts.

#5 Di Fontaine’s (22 Parialment Street)

Well, Di Fontaine’s is actually my go-to place when I’m drunk and just stumbled out of Workman’s but even during the day it’s a great snack. The pizza slices are huge and definitely fill you up – and all of that for around €4! They have chilli oil, garlic and a few other things to top up your pizza if you feel like it and especially at night, the music and atmosphere in there is fun and uplifting. It’s a bit of a New York pizza place kind of vibe. Don’t miss out on it!

And another tip, this time for desserts, because you would miss out on a lot if I didn’t tell you:
Marks and Spencers have the best cookies ever. Yes, it’s a department store but in their basement they have a food market, including freshly baked goods, and their chocolate chip cookies are probably one of the best things ever. AND they come in packs of 3 as well!

And my second favourite dessert place: Camerino! Read my post about it here.

Dublin Restaurants: Skinflint

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-24 um 09.21.49

I never really was the biggest Pizza fan. Whenever I went to an Italian restaurant I got Pasta and I can’t even explain why. Pizza just never made it on the decision list.

Lately, I start realising that I actually really do like Pizza. And there are a few places I could definitely recommend to you around Dublin. But let’s start with the first one which might be a bit “different”.

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Dublin Restaurants: Taco Taco

Taco Taco has moved and is now located close to Stephen’s Green. Since I haven’t had time to try out the new place, I can’t tell you much about the interior of it, so some things in this post might not be quite right anymore. I’m sure the food is just as delicious still though. 

When I first stepped foot in this restaurant, I was instantly reminded of a brunch I went to in New York once. This cool, relaxed atmosphere with loud music, fancy people and delicious cocktails on a Sunday morning is exactly what New York is famous for – in the middle of Dublin.

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