Dublin’s Nightlife: My Top 5 Bars that are close enough to Temple Bar

Dublin is a great place for a weekend full of drinking and fun. I mean, we’ve all heard about the stereotypical Irish: A lot of fun and a lot of alcohol. (Which I actually don’t fully agree with, because Irish are definitely more than that!)

The main area that people go to when visiting Dublin and looking for a pint of Guiness is Temple Bar. And don’t get me wrong, the pubs around there are pretty cool to see but you’d definitely never meet any locals in there. So maybe I can inspire you to walk a few minutes away from the red little pub on the corner and see a few of the places where locals hang out. Here are my Top 5 bars around Temple Bar that are not Temple Bar itself.

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Irish Daytrip: Bray to Greystone

Now, that I am done with my master dissertation (WOHOO) I can once again enjoy the perks of living in Dublin, one of them being the beautiful nature surrounding the city.

Just the other day me and my friend decided to go to Bray. Bray is a little town at the ocean, which looks a little bit like a typical British coastal town. It has a few places to eat along the esplanade and it also has a little funfair (mainly for kids) located at the end of it.

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