A daytrip from Munich: Taubenstein

And another daytrip, just like promised.

Last week, me and my mum couldn’t really make a decision where to go. We have about 5 books flying around our house with the best trekking tours around Bavaria and Austria and we just couldn’t decide. In the end we decided to go to Taubenstein, a mountain close to Schliersee, just about an hour drive from Munich. We took a car but if you take a train into Schliersee, you can also go from there.

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Namibia: “Africa for cowards”

In 2012 my parents took me on a trip, I will never forget – to Namibia. I never really thought about Namibia as a country I wanted to go, South Africa was always first on my to-see-list in Africa, but since I rarely say no to any type of trips I found myself on a flight to Namibia. And I’m telling you, it should be on your list for sure! Not only because it’s Africa for cowards (since it’s so much safer than most of the other countries) but also because it has so much to offer. And to prove it to you, here are some of my favorite photos I took during that trip together with some tips.

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It’s your choice

Do you know how, whenever you are telling people where you are going, they comment on it? How they tell you, that you need to eat here and you need to go there and you definitely should skip this? I sometimes am one of those people as well. I just love to share my findings with people (hence my Thursday’s Tipp category) but I still understand that it should be everyone’s own choice how they experience their trip.

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Soothing this constant Wanderlust

It’s getting cold, winter is just around the corner and all I (and probably most of my fellow gypsies out there) want to do, is leave this place for somewhere far away. But there’s school. Or work. Just something that keeps you from following that urge.

So to help you soothing that wanderlust just a little bit, I thought about some tipps that help me escaping reality every once in a while – even if just for a short period of time.

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