A few money saving tips when traveling

People always tell me that the main reason they don’t travel is that they don’t have enough money. And I totally understand that, because travelling is expensive, but in case you already booked your main flights, here are some tipps how you can save some money while travelling.

#1 Compare

Once you arrive at your (first) destination, the comparing starts. Or at least it should. A lot of hostels offer trains, busses or different trips with a certain company. But in case you are not in a big hurry to get to the next place, you should walk around the street and compare some other companies that offer the same or similar trains/busses/trips and see if you can get it cheaper. A lot of times hostels raise the prices of the tickets so they earn something from it as well. (Of course comparing also applies for all flights you take, but I guess most of you do that anyways.) Continue reading

Namibia: “Africa for cowards”

In 2012 my parents took me on a trip, I will never forget – to Namibia. I never really thought about Namibia as a country I wanted to go, South Africa was always first on my to-see-list in Africa, but since I rarely say no to any type of trips I found myself on a flight to Namibia. And I’m telling you, it should be on your list for sure! Not only because it’s Africa for cowards (since it’s so much safer than most of the other countries) but also because it has so much to offer. And to prove it to you, here are some of my favorite photos I took during that trip together with some tips.

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It’s your choice

Do you know how, whenever you are telling people where you are going, they comment on it? How they tell you, that you need to eat here and you need to go there and you definitely should skip this? I sometimes am one of those people as well. I just love to share my findings with people (hence my Thursday’s Tipp category) but I still understand that it should be everyone’s own choice how they experience their trip.

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2015 Highlights

When I started my blog this was one of the things I was looking forward to the most – looking back on the year 2015 and actually sharing my highlights with people. So if you are reading this: Thanks for being interested in it!

2015 was a crazy year. I said goodbye to old memories, unsuitable jobs and some attitudes and made room for new people, new opportunities and a newer me. This might sound cheesy, but this is really what 2015 was for me.

February: Amsterdam

This trip actually started under a bad light. I wanted to visit a friend in Amsterdam – turned out she never started her year abroad there but only told me two weeks before. And because I believe in the saying Great things never came from comfort zones (and because I’ve already booked the flights and everything) I decided to just go on my own. And to be honest, I really did enjoy it. I was able to plan my whole day the way I wanted it to be and I just did all the things I wanted to. And I met up with an old friend I haven’t seen in a very long time. So it turns out the saying is actually true!

March: Stockholm

This was my birthday present for a friend of mine. I think we were talking about going to Stockholm for at least 3 years and it never seemed to work but we finally found a weekend this March to see this beautiful city. When we arrived it was actually snowing and I was freezing like crazy (of course I didn’t believe the weather forecast) but the beauty of the city made it worth it.

We were also super lucky that I knew some people over there, so they took us to their favorite places and we could see the city through their eyes. So if you ever get the chance to go: Do it! Even if the weather forecast says it’s going to snow.

May: Morocco

Well, I’ve already given you a little guide to my favorite spots in Morocco a month ago or so. I think this shows very well why Morocco was one of my highlights in 2015. The country has so much to offer and especially in times like these, where Muslims are widely seen as evil and “all the same” I am happy I was able to meet so many beautiful Muslim souls, so I will never be tempted to judge them all equally.

May (again): My sister’s wedding

I think if I was too pick ONE of my highlights, this would be it. As much as I love seeing different countries and cultures and meeting new people, seeing two people who obviously love each other getting married beats all of that. The wedding was held at Spreewald, which is in Brandenburg, in a Wellness Hotel (I will give you a detailed post about that after I’ve been there again in April) and it was just breathtaking. I haven’t been to many weddings yet, but I already know that not a lot can be better than this was. Everything was perfect, from the decoration on the tables, to the wedding dress, to my sister’s friends and everything they did for her (they actually presented a musical on how my sister and her husband met!) to all the tears shed.

June: Southside Festival

This festival is one of my highlights every year for five years now. As much as I like trying out different festivals every once in a while, this festival is just like coming home. The same people, the same food stalls and the same stages. I couldn’t get lost even if I wanted to. And this just makes me feel safe and happy. And then the live music – divine!

My personal highlights: First Aid Kid, Marteria and Florence+the Machine!

July: Amalfi Coast

When I was 16, I spent five months in Nanaimo, Canada to go to high school there. During this time I met a girl and even though it’s been 9 years and we lived on opposite sides of the world all those years, we manage to meet every once in a while in a beautiful place around the world. And this year, this place was the Amalfi Coast, in Italy. You can read all about how it was, and what I loved most about it in my blogpost.

August: Rock en Seine

I’m a huge fan of the John Butler Trio. And when I saw that they are playing a festival in Paris, Rock en Seine, along with Alt-J, Tame Impala and The Libertines, it was a safe deal for me – I wanted to go! Fortunately, I found some friends who joined me and we had an amazing weekend there. I gotta say, the french were a bit quiet and not as crazy as I am used to but I still loved the festival. And not only because it had over 30 degrees every day.

September: Dublin

This was the biggest change this year – my move to Dublin. I feel like I did all of this in trance and I never ever questioned myself beforehand. When I first got there and had over a week without really knowing anyone, the doubts started. But in the end, now, after my first semester, I can say that I am truly happy about this decision and I wouldn’t do it any other way.

November: Belfast

You can read all about my experiences and thought about that trip in my blogpost from November. It was definitely worth a trip and I can’t wait to explore some more around (Northern) Ireland!

Dezember: Home

Like you can read in my latest blogpost, there’s nothing like coming home. And even though this year, my time at home so far is very quiet and I spend an awful lot of time at home with my family, I still love every second of it. I know I could go out the whole day to meet people for a coffee or anything, but I’d rather stick to a few closest friends and spend some quality time with them – and my family of course.


Even though not everything in 2015 went as I planned it, it was a very good year that made me learn more about myself and pushed me to my limits sometimes. Can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store and I will give you some ideas on what is already planned for next year in my next blogpost!

Happy new year everyone!!!



#travel: My favourite Instagram Accounts

For today’s Tipp I thought I’d do something different. I am not a big fan of people presenting themselves or their oh-so-pretty looking food on Instagram but I certainly am a big fan of every single Instagram account out there that shows how beautiful this world is. This is why I want to present you my favorite Instagram Accounts that make me want to pack my bag and travel the world right away.

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Photo Friday: Peru

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to see a lot of Peru since I’ve only been there for 2 weeks so I decided to just create another Photo Friday post out of my favourite pictures from that time because I wouldn’t do that country justice with the few tipps I could give you! I hope (and definitely believe) that those pictures will make you consider Peru as one of your next travel destinations!

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Photo Friday: New Zealand

Because pictures say more than a thousand words and on fridays most of us are too tired from the week to read long texts anyways, I decided to start a new category: Photo Friday. I’ll just feed you with pictures from my favourite places all around the world, starting with the one of the most picturesque places I’ve been to during my Around the world Trip – New Zealand. Here’s a little selection:

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Morocco: A guide

Morocco was on my To-See-List for a very long time. When, finally, I booked my flight to explore this north-african country with my friend, I was over the moon. And it really didn’t disappoint me. (Except for the food maybe. Don’t get me wrong, Tagine and Couscous are very delicious but there is not a lot of variety to it. You can get it with fish, with meat or vegetarian but that’s about it. So it gets a bit boring after three weeks.)

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