Planning a trip to Vietnam? Here are 10 things you might want to know

Vietnam is one of the main countries people visit when they go to South East Asia. Because it still is very traditional but it is also “western” enough for people who might not be too comfortable outside their own comfort zone.
As you’ve seen from my blogposts here and here, I just came back from my trip there and discovered a few things that might be interesting to know when you plan your trip.

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It’s your choice

Do you know how, whenever you are telling people where you are going, they comment on it? How they tell you, that you need to eat here and you need to go there and you definitely should skip this? I sometimes am one of those people as well. I just love to share my findings with people (hence my Thursday’s Tipp category) but I still understand that it should be everyone’s own choice how they experience their trip.

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Hostelworld: Why I love hostels so much

“Really, sharing a bed with 9 strangers? I couldn’t do that.”

That’s just one of the sentences I hear all the time when I express my love for hostels in front of people. I can’t even count anymore in how many different hostels I slept. But I know, that I loved every one of them. Yes, there are definitely downsides to hostels, but I still would chose Hostels over Hotels or AirBnbs anytime. Here’s why:

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