Peru: My hike up the Machu Picchu

I’ve already fed you with a few of my favourite photographs I took throughout my two weeks stay in Peru. I gotta say, the whole time over there was breathtaking and super interesting, I hope I can go back one day and see a bit more of that beautiful country. But one thing that was one of my favourite experiences throughout those five months I was traveling the world, was Machu Picchu.
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Hostelworld: Why I love hostels so much

“Really, sharing a bed with 9 strangers? I couldn’t do that.”

That’s just one of the sentences I hear all the time when I express my love for hostels in front of people. I can’t even count anymore in how many different hostels I slept. But I know, that I loved every one of them. Yes, there are definitely downsides to hostels, but I still would chose Hostels over Hotels or AirBnbs anytime. Here’s why:

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Photo Friday: Peru

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to see a lot of Peru since I’ve only been there for 2 weeks so I decided to just create another Photo Friday post out of my favourite pictures from that time because I wouldn’t do that country justice with the few tipps I could give you! I hope (and definitely believe) that those pictures will make you consider Peru as one of your next travel destinations!

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