You can always learn from your mistakes – New Year or not.

As crazy as it is, 2018 is over. And I’ve had a year full of ups and downs. And still, I would say it was one of the best ones so far. Why? Because I learned to learn from my downs. To use them for my advantage.


There weren’t many years in my life so far that I’ve met so many new and wonderful people like this year. And on the other hand, some friendships started fading a little. But that’s how life goes – you lose things and you gain others. And the losing part does hurt but I know if it’s meant to be a forever friendship, we’ll find our ways back to each other. And otherwise I know how those people influenced my life and my way of living. And I am thankful for that.


When it comes to love (the romantic one this is) I wasn’t lucky. I met men I liked and lost them again. And I suffered from it, that’s for sure. But I also learned so much from it. I now know even more, what I am looking for. That I have to put myself first. That I have to listen to my inner alarm clocks, because no matter how great someone looks on paper or how much you want to find the right person, when you don’t feel it 100%, chances are that your feelings are right. And I am proud of myself in a way. Because I have friends who struggle with being alone because they never had to be. And here I am, rocking the single life and being (mainly) happy with it.

I also learned how important me time actually is. I have to schedule more of it in the future. Just a night during the week, where I can work out, take a bath, put a mask on or just watch x episodes of my favourite TV show. It’s the best medicine for your mental health. And your body tells you, whenever it needs it.


But the main thing I learned throughout this year – resolutions don’t have to be made on January 1st but should be a list you add new things to throughout the whole year. Because let’s face it, January 1st is just another day on the calendar but you and your life changes on 365 days a year, not only 1. So make sure to not procrastinate on your resolutions (even if it’s simple things like quit smoking or losing weight) until the New Year starts but turn your life around whenever the opportunity presents itself – that way you learn and grow day by day and not year by year.

P.S.: I still made some resolutions for 2018 (you can read about them here) and I will continue to follow them throughout 2019. Because all they do is making my life more fulfilled and happy. And who doesn’t love to plan more trips all together?




7 resolutions for 2018

I am not a big fan of New Years Resolutions because I think you should just change your life whenever you feel like it and not wait for a certain date to start, but I still made up a list of 7 things I want to try and change about my life in 2018. New year, new life, new me? Who knows.

#1 Do more weekend trips

My ultimate goal is to go away once a month. I’ve already booked London and Dublin for January and am planning on doing Vienna and Milan in the beginning of 2018 as well. Maybe it’ll be more than one trip a month?

#2 Use my days off wisely

I don’t get many days off work. It’s actually the legal minimum in Germany. But luckily we have a few bank holidays that I can use to build my holidays around it to make the best out of my travel year 2018.

#3 Do more daytrips

IMG_8084 (1)

Just a daytrip away from Munich – Eibsee

Daytrips are the best anyways! And Munich has so much to offer. Hiking, Skiing, Lakes, you could do a different trip every weekend. So I have to take advantage of that!

#4 Try new things at least once a month

No matter if it’s food, sports or other activities. This might be the hardest resolution to fulfil because I’m doing three different sports already and I’ve tried a lot of different food in my life. But maybe it’ll just be a new restaurant or a day playing paint ball? We’ll see.

#5 Get back into photography more


Analog Camera (by Conal Gallagher via Flickr)

I used to love taking photos. And then reality happened. So I need to get back into it. Just grab my camera and walk around my neighbourhood in the search of great shots. We’ll see. And maybe I’ll buy myself an analog camera?

#6 Take less planes


Plane Views

Okay I take it back, this is the hardest resolution to fulfill. Of course Europe is very easy to travel by car, train or bus but it also takes times. And without the right amount of days off, it’s just easiest to take a two hour plane ride then a 20 hour car journey.

#7 Continue learning Spanish

I started Spanish when I came back from Chile in December 2016. And then I got a job and it got harder to keep up with it. But I really want to start again. Maybe with actual classes, maybe with a tandem partner, but definitely somehow.


Other than that, I am just going to try to make the best out of every day as it comes. Shit happens but I’ll try to overcome it and be positive. Because there’s no space for negativity in anyone’s lives!
Have a few great last days in 2017 and the best start of 2018 possible!