2016 you’ve been wonderful: A review

Okay, my headline just talks about my life. Not about everything that’s going on in the world. Because if I was talking about that, wonderful wouldn’t exactly be the word that came to my mind first. But let’s not think about it for now.  This time of the year is about being grateful and happy and peaceful anyways.

Here are my highlights of 2016.

A rainy wintertrip to London and Edinburgh

In January, before the madness of my second semester started, I visited friends in both London and Edinburgh and had a blast!
Read about my Edinburgh tips here.

My first St Patricks Day in Dublin!

Ever since I found out about St Patricks Day I wanted to spend it in Ireland. Little did I know back then, that one day I’d live there and actually had the opportunity to do so!
I went and watched the parade (which is worth it if you go for a visit but be prepared to wait around for a very long time in order to see something) and then I went to a “The Corrs”- Sing-along and sang along with songs I didn’t even know were Irish!

A real New Orleans Wedding

When my mum was 17 her parents let an American guy, aged 19, “couchsurf” at their house. Ever since, they stayed in touch and our family now has a great friendship with this family over in Texas. One of the kids, she’s 25, just got married in May, and what’s a better excuse to visit friends you haven’t seen in a while than a wedding?

I wedding was absolutely beautiful and I totally fell in love with New Orleans.
Read about my New Orleans tips here.

I became an aunt and a surviver of Southside 2016 🙂

…and both events happened on the same weekend! On June 24th I drank on my newborn nephew, Lukas, on the hottest Southside Day I’ve experienced since I started going in 2010. But this heat also lead to the shortest Southside ever. Read about the whole story in my blogpost here.

I finally went back to OZ!

When I first went to Australia in 2010, I fell in love and knew I had to go back to this beautiful country every once in a while. So far, i was very successful in going back every three years – 2013 and now, in 2016.
I visited a friend, who lives in Bondi and felt like I just lived the typical Bondi life. Walks on the beach in the morning, yoga, BBQs and best of all: no stress at all.

Ticked something off the bucket list: Vietnam

On my around the world trip I didn’t find time to go to Vietnam, especially because I didn’t want to rush through it. Ever since, the country has been on top of my to-see list and I decided to stop and explore there on my way home from Australia. And it didn’t disappoint me!
Read about what I did over there here and here, get some tips here and see all the beautiful faces I met there (and in the rest of Asia) here.

I finally graduated as an MA in Journalism and Public Relations!

Yesss I did it! After a year of studying, a few breakdowns and a lot of fun, I graduated from Griffith College in Dublin! And I got to wear one of those hats. Let’s not talk about their meaning of a capped education for women, though. Let’s just enjoy that I got to wear (and throw) a hat 😀


A girls trip to Chile!

And finally one of my highlights of 2016 just ended a few days ago: Chile with a group of friends.
A friend of ours from Hamburg fell in love with a guy from Chile 3 years ago and on December 17th, they got married in the little town Olmué, between Vina del Mar and Santiago. And because Chile is too far away to just go for a weekend, me and 4 friends decided to make a trip out of it, rented a car and drove around this breathtaking country. A blogpost about it will come up soon and you can find a video of the trip here.
But now, a few highlight photos you can also find on my Instagram.

And 2017? 

I don’t really know. I am currently looking for a job, so that’s my main focus. Depending on where I’ll end up, I will obviously still try to travel as much as possible. Since my flight anxiety got worse in 2016, I promised myself not to take too many flights in 2017. We’ll see how that’ll work out.

Things in 2017 I’m looking forward to already:

February 5th: Bon Iver Concert, Hamburg
February 8th: The XX Concert, Stockholm
April 1st: Tory Lanez Concert, Dublin
June 24th: Southside Festival 2017

Enjoy the final days of 2016 and have a wonderful start into 2017!

Something different in London: alternativeldn.com

I’ve already told you in my list of tipps how to save money while traveling to always look for free things to do. And I’ve found a free walking tour in London, which is just a bit different than the normal walking tours you would find.

Note: It still works on a pay as much as you like basis. And I’m pretty positive that after the tour you will feel like you want to at least donate a little bit of money because, to be fair, your tourguide spends 1.5 hours of his day telling you things that he has told so many times before. At least I wanted to.

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