Munich Restaurants: Soumi

Asian food is my favourite. It doesn’t really matter which part of Asia (I’d say Chinese is my least favourite but I’d still eat it haha), so I’m always excited when I find new Asian restaurants anywhere.

This time my friend showed me a little restaurant in the heart of Munich, very close to Marienplatz, that serves authentic Vietnamese cuisine.
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Munich: My favourite Summer Spots

I grew up in one of the best cities in the world – Munich. I then moved away for university but still came back every summer to spend some time with family and friends. And because I am here right now and I am too excited for summer, I decided to give you a few tips on my favourite hangout spots in the summer.

#1 English Garden

I guess parks are the hangout spot in every cities when it’s warm. In Munich, this park is the English Garden (Englischer Garten). One of the highlights of this park is the wave “Eisbach Welle” at one of the arms of the river Isar, which is located at Prinzregentenstrasse. You can find surfers there all year round and even big names like Jack Johnson tried it out on their visits. The stream then goes on into the English Garden, where you can bathe in it or just cool of your feet (Watch out though, the water is super cold!). At night, people start making picnics and pre drinking there, which gives the whole park a really relaxed atmosphere. There are also two great beer gardens in the park, one at the Chinesischer Turm (chinese tower) and one called Seehaus, which is located at Kleinhesseloher See.
It doesn’t only sound as if the park is huge, it actually is. But don’t worry, even when getting lost you’ll find great places and you will have a great summer day!


Eisbachwelle (via flickr: rmoriz)

#2 Isar

Another given probably – the isar. Because you are always looking for a way to cool down when the thermometre is hitting a certain level. The Isar, the river that runs through Munich, is a perfect way to do that. There are tons of different spots where you can go down to the banks, so I won’t recommend a specific one – they are all pretty. And if you want to see a bit more, go rent a dinghy and float down the whole river. I’ve done it once and it’s super fun! We had our own boat back then, but maybe take a look here or here or just google for other places! (I’v e never tried them, so these are just sites that popped up when I googled it.)


floating on the Isar by author

#3 Hackerbrücke

My best friend introduced me to a spot last year, where I actually never thought it would be as great as it actually was – the bridge over the railway towards the central train station. Yes, I know, it sounds really weird and that’s why I was a bit sceptical when she suggested to watch the sunset from there. But trust me, it was worth it! (You should not be afraid of heights because you are climbing up the steel grinders in order to watch from up there.) We brought a bottle of wine and some fruits before we went out one friday night and I’m definitely going back there this year!


by author

#4 Café Vorhoelzer

Rooftop bars – I guess every city has them. Munich just started a few years ago and one of the first ones was Café Vorhoelzer, a café located on the roof of the technical university building. It is a bit odd when you are wearing your floaty dress and flip flops, walking past students in their own building, to drink a nice glass of wine or any other drink on the 5th floor, but the view is breathtaking and in the summer, the place is always packed.


The view. And now imagine in with even better weather! by author

#5 Tollwood

Tollwood is a cultural festival with a lot of different food stalls that offer dishes from all around the world and stalls that offer great jewellery, gifts, art and everything else you can imagine. There’s one in the summer and on in the winter, but I have to say, the summer one is my favourite. It’s located at Olympia park and takes place for around a month (this year it’s June 29th until July 24th).
A lot of bands or comedians also play at that festival at nights and it’s always packed with people sitting in the beergardens, strolling around the stalls or sitting on the grass with a cold glass of beer.


by author

#6 Everything around Munich

Haha, I guess this is a bit vague, but I’m planning on introducing you to a few daytrips you can do from Munich during the next few weeks. But whenever you visit Munich (probably no matter which season it is but definitely in the summer) go get the train (or a car if that’s an opportunity) and drive out into the countryside of Bavaria. There’s so much to do, that I’m always a bit overwhelmed on where to go. Bavaria has great lakes, that are just a short trip away, such as Starnberger See, Tegernsee or Schliersee but there are also a lot of trekking spots around the mountains. So stay tuned for my tips!


Tegernsee by author

Dublin Restaurants: Sushi

Anyone a Sushi fan out there? Because I definitely am.

And there are two places in Dublin that any Sushi fan shouldn’t miss when they are in town. (There might be more but those are my two favourites so far!)

#1 Musashi

Musashi is located at Capel Street on the south side of Dublin just close to Mary Street.
It has a great selection of sushi, including the usual ones but also some special, not so common creations. On top of that, for everyone who’s not that into Sushi (for whatever reason I don’t understand) they also have rice and noodle dishes that always look really great as well. Prices are normal, just what you expect for Sushi places I’d say.

Tipp: Definitely book a table or bring some (waiting) time with you, because it is packed no matter what day it is.


Edamame, Dumplings and Spicy Salmon Roll

#2 Yamamori

There are three different Yamamoris in Dublin (if you google it, they say four but two of them are at the same location), one at South George Street, just close to Temple Bar, one just across the street from it and one at Ormond Quay, around the corner from O’Connell Street.
I’ve been to two of them and the Sushi is really really good. It tastes really fresh and they do have a few specials that are worth a try. And non-Sushi-lovers also won’t be disappointed here since they offer a wide range of different noodles or rice dishes for you to choose from.
At Yamamori they serve their Sushi with black rice, which I’ve never had before but just tried last week and I gotta say it is really good! BUT I felt like it also fills you up more than the white one does, so keep that in mind when your hungry eyes are ordering.

IMG_6831 (1)

Black Rice Sushi

IMG_6830 (1)

Edamame and Sashimi Salad