Dublin Restaurants: Skinflint

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I never really was the biggest Pizza fan. Whenever I went to an Italian restaurant I got Pasta and I can’t even explain why. Pizza just never made it on the decision list.

Lately, I start realising that I actually really do like Pizza. And there are a few places I could definitely recommend to you around Dublin. But let’s start with the first one which might be a bit “different”.

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Dublin Cafés: Bibi’s Café

Like I’ve promised you last time, Dublin definitely has some parents-friendly places to Brunch. Bibi’s Café in Dublin 8 is one of them.

The place’s interior reminds me of a winter garden in a country house with a lot of wood, mint green and little details all around the place.

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Dublin Restaurants: Taco Taco

Taco Taco has moved and is now located close to Stephen’s Green. Since I haven’t had time to try out the new place, I can’t tell you much about the interior of it, so some things in this post might not be quite right anymore. I’m sure the food is just as delicious still though. 

When I first stepped foot in this restaurant, I was instantly reminded of a brunch I went to in New York once. This cool, relaxed atmosphere with loud music, fancy people and delicious cocktails on a Sunday morning is exactly what New York is famous for – in the middle of Dublin.

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My little guide around Ireland

Like most of you might now, I currently live in Dublin, Ireland to do my MA in Journalism and PR. Even though the course is pretty tough and I am working hard, I try to squeeze in a bit of “Sightseeing” around Ireland, not only Dublin.

So just this weekend I was traveling around Ireland a bit and I thought I might give you some insights and definitely photos about the places I’ve seen around this beautiful, green country so far.

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