Central Chile: A Photo diary Part 2

Yeah maybe, just maybe, I take too many photos. But in a country like Chile, where you can find so much beauty around every corner (and where no place looks the same) it’s hard not to!
So here’s my second part of the photo diary for central Chile. Find the first one here.

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Central Chile: A photo diary Part 1

Thanks to my beautiful friend’s wedding on December 17th 2016, I was lucky enough to spend most of my pre-christmas time in Chile.
The wedding took place in Olmué, which is a tiny village between Vina del Mar and Santiago, so we decided to spend our trip only around Central Chile.
We rented a car and drove around Cajon del Maipo and the coast north of Vina del Mar. See for yourself how beautiful and most of all diverse only a small part of Chile can be already!

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