Berlin Tipps off the beaten tracks

Since I am German and Berlin is our capital, I’ve been there a few times before. And I’ve definitely seen all the sights you have to see more than once. This doesn’t keep me away from Berlin but it definitely changes my stays there because I now try to “live” like a local and experience the real Berlin.

And because Berlin grows on me more and more the more I visit it, I decided to share a few of the places (which are mostly restaurants, I gotta admit) to maybe make you feel like a local as well the next time you are going. Or just to give you some inspiration where to eat. Either way works for me! So here it comes.

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The perks of Berlin, Germany

Whenever I tell people I am from Germany, I get this one reaction: “Oh really? I went to Berlin once, I loved it!” And ever so often, I meet people, who tell me their dream is to live in Berlin for a while. I have to admit, I am not mad about Berlin (living there I mean, I love visiting it), for me it’s just a bit too hipster and a bit too big but I obviously still wonder what does make Berlin so attractive to people all over the world and also all around Germany? I was thinking about what I like when I come visit and I was also talking to some people who actually moved to Berlin for a while. And here are some of the reasons I figured out.

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A weekend at the Spa: A time to forget your daily life

For a very long time now, my family and I spend our Easter Weekend in a Wellness hotel close to Berlin, more precisely in Brandenburg’s Spreewald, called Zur Bleiche Spa&Resort.

And since Easter was just last weekend, it means I just spent a magical weekend at that place. And I realized once again that a Spa weekend is sometimes all you need.
Right before I left on the trip I had way too much on my mind. Problems with friends, too much college work and all those things girls like me constantly have on their minds. This is one of the reasons why I knew I needed to get away and just stop thinking for a weekend. So there was no better timing for Easter to come!

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