Things to know about Cambodia’s history

Like I’ve already mentioned in my last blogpost, I feel like it is important to know about the history of places. The history of cities, countries and nations that we visit. Because most countries, especially our favorite backpacker destinations, are very rich in their history. And not only in a good way. So I’m trying to gather information every once in a while to share with you guys, so you can be a bit more “educated” about the place you are going to. Or have been to.

Today, I decided to talk about Cambodia, a country I loved very much and whose history touched me deeply. It’s not a random choice but based on a photo exhibition I’ve been to recently at the Museum der Fünf Kontinente (Museum of the five continents) in Munich. The exhibition is called “Shaded Memories” and features photographs by Ann-Christine Woehrl. (If you have the opportunity to go, definitely do so!)

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