Photo Friday: Stunning Architecture around the World

Architecture is fascinating. I know I always enjoyed checking out beautiful churches or interesting buildings when I was traveling but it wasn’t until I started working in architecture and design PR that I realised how much architecture influences the image of a city. And how much one new building can change the look of a city. This is why I decided to put together a post about my favourite “architectural master pieces” around the world. (I guess this will only be part 1…)


Grand Palace, Bangkok


Brooklyn Bridge, New York


Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg


Museo Maat, Lisbon


Chinatown, London


Exhibition halls, Dornbirn, Austria


Exhibition halls, Dornbirn, Austria


Zumtobel Headquater, Dornbirn, Austria


Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan


Fondazione Prada, Milan


Duomo, Milan


Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco


Opera House and Harbour Bridge, Sydney


Opera House, Oslo

Photo Friday: Getting you festival excited.

Festival season is coming closer and I couldn’t be more excited for it. Drinking beer out of cans, no matter what time it is, playing Flunky Ball all day, listening to live music while lying in the grass, enjoying the sun (hopefully) and spending three days away from reality with friends and good energies – it’s the dream!
This is why I decided to get you festival excited with a new Photo Friday. Enjoy and happy weekend! x


Dockville Festival

DSC_4421 Kopie

Dockville Festival

DSC_4456 Kopie

Dockville Festival


Rock en Seine


Southside Festival


Southside Festival


Southside Festival


Southside Festival


Dockville Festival


Dockville Festival


Spektrum Festival


Dockville Festival


Dockville Festival


Dockville Festival


Dockville Festival


Southside Festival


Longitude Festival

Photo Friday: A few Days in Singapore

When I was flying from Australia to Vietnam in 2016, I was lucky enough to find a cheap deal with Singapore Airlines, that allowed me to spend two nights in a hotel in Singapore (and with that tick off another country of my list – yay!). Also included in the deal was a Hop on Hop off-Bus-Ticket, which I used excessively. I am not the biggest fan of big cities, where it’s easy to get lost in (I have basically no sense of direction whatsoever) and where you never really know what the right spots to visit are. Especially in a short timeframe like I had over there. That’s why I loved that opportunity!

During the bus tour and my Hop Offs, I tried to fit in as many sights as possible! And here are my favourite photos.


Theatres in the Bay


Gardens by the Bay


Gardens by the Bay


Marina Bay


Helix Bridge


Little India


Kampong Glam


When I got lost with a fellow Girls love Travel lady


Little India


Chinese Quarter




City Jungle


The Bridge is designed by the human DNA strings

Photo Friday: A love letter to Australia

Dear Australia,

I don’t know what it is about you, but whenever I think about you I wish I could jump on the next plane and just hop over for a quick visit. Maybe it is the beauty of your beaches, maybe it is the fact that it seems like it’s always sunny over there (or let’s put it that way: it DEFINITELY has to do with that fact) or maybe it is your people, that seem like the most relaxed people I’ve ever met, like nothing could ever go wrong and if it does it’s not too bad because look, there’s the sun and there’s the beach!
I guess it’s a combination of all that, because in a way you are the complete opposite of Germany. Not that Germany is bad at all, but it could use a little bit of that relaxation amongst the people, of that openness and kindness.

So happy Australia Day and I promise I will be back as soon as possible ❤

Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island


Harbour Bridge, Sydney

Harbour Bridge, Sydney

Palm Cove, Sydney

Palm Cove, Sydney

Shark Bay, Sydney

Shark Bay, Sydney

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Cape Tribulation

Cape Tribulation

Great Barrier Reef, Airlie Beach

Great Barrier Reef, Airlie Beach

Whithaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands

Whithaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands

Central Coast

Central Coast

Seal Rocks

Seal Rocks

Photo Friday: Plane Views

Like I’ve mentioned in my Fun Facts Post, I hate flying. But there’s one thing that always beats the anxiety at least for a little while: The views.
This is why I decided to collect my favourite ones in one post. Here we go.


Amalfi Coast


Somewhere over America


Bondi Beach from above

Chile 1

On our way to Chile

Chile 2

The Andes

Chile 3

Once again on our way to Chile


German neatness from above

Dublin 2

Sunsets are the best


Gloomy Dublin


Hamburg, you beauty

Lord Howe

Number One Plane View




On my way back home from Vietnam

What’s your favourite Plane View Photo? Link me to them on Instagram or whatever and I’ll make sure to check them out!

7 of my favourite restaurants – interior-wise

I love trying out new restaurants and sharing them with you. But it’s not always the food that convinces me but also everything around it. I love special, different or just cozy interior and I decided to do a bit of a different Photo Friday this week with my favourite restaurants interiorwise. Let’s go.

#1 Fumbally Café, Dublin, Ireland

In a way it’s like a cozy living room that offers food and coffee. Perfect!


#2 Skinflint, Dublin, Ireland

This is clearly not a great shot of the restaurant, but I kinda like the atmosphere in it. My favourite part are the tables, that are made out of old doors covered with glass. (Read more about it on my blog here.)


#3 Taco Taco, Dublin, Ireland

I’ve written about Taco Taco before on my blog but again: Look at this interior! The painted walls, the tiles around the bar, the school-like chairs… Perfection.


#4 The Grounds of Alexandria, Sydney, Australia

The Grounds of Alexandria are a special thing it itself. It’s not one restaurant, it’s more like a little “food court” with restaurants and an outside area and coffee and flowers and so much more to discover. And the style of the place made me fall in love with it and made me wish I could celebrate my wedding there.


#5 Rocca Riviera, Munich, Germany

This place is definitely the fanciest one on the list and might not be my favourite place when it comes to the clientele but look at the couches!


#6 Ooh baby I like it raw, Munich, Germany

Just a small little charming café. Watch out for a review of their food on my blog soon.


#7 Ja mai, Munich, Germany

No, this is not in Asia, even though the little stools might suggest it. It’s actually in the middle of Munich but it sure threw me back to Vietnam a little.


There are so many more great restaurants interior-wise, but it’s never easy to take a good looking photo of a packed bar or restaurant. I’ll keep trying though and will definitely do more of these posts.

Photo Friday: Animals of the world.

Let’s be honest, we all know that animals are the better humans. And could you imagine a trip to a foreign country without seeing animals around there? For me it wouldn’t be the same.

That’s why on today’s Photo Friday, I post a few of my favourite animal photos from my trips around the world.

Bali 1

Monkey Forst, Ubud, Bali

Chile 1

Wild Horses in Chile

Chile 2

Another wild horse in Horcòn, Chile


Kitten in Marrakech, Morocco

Morocco 2

Camel in Morocco

Morocco 3

Cat in Essaouira, Morocco

New Zealand 1

Dolphins in Kaikoura, New Zealand

New Zealand 2

Sea Lion in Kaikoura, New Zealand

Vietnam 3

Puppies in Da Lat, Vietnam

Vietnam 2

Puppy in Sapa, Vietnam

Peru 2

Cows in Colca, Peru

Peru 1

Llamas in Peru

New Zealand 3

Baby sheep in Queenstown, New Zealand

If you fancy to see a few more, here‘s my post about Namibia, where I clearly saw the most stunning creatures on earth and here’s a post about cats around the world where I contributed a photo as well. And if you want to find out more about where and how to take great animal photos, check this post out.
And if you like a photos in general, check out my Instagram @lkf_anywheresperfect or my other Photo Fridays.



Happy World Ocean Day: My favourite ocean photos from around the World

It’s World Ocean Day. Therefore I decided to move my usual Photo Friday up to Thursday to show you my absolute favourite ocean photos I took throughout my trips. Here you go. I hope flicking through them won’t give you as much Fernweh as it gave me.


Essaouira, Morocco


Essaouira, Morocco


Capri, Italy


Koh Panghan, Thailand


Sydney, Australia


Bali, Indonesia


South Island, New Zealand


Sydney, Australia


Camp Cove, Australia


Lord Howe Island, Australia


Halong Bay, Vietnam


Santa Barbara, USA


Manly, Australia


Dun Laoghaire, Ireland


Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia

San Francisco: My favourite American city in photos

America is a country I’ve been connected to since I was a little girl. My mum has a huge obsession with the country since she had an “exchange student” (not really, but it was a similar situation) over in Munich when she was 17. So needless to say, as soon as me and my sister were old enough, we jumped on a plane over to the US. We tried to go every 2-3 years and traveled a lot around the country. But there was one particular American city I lost my heart in really quickly which made me also go back on my big trip in 2013: San Francisco.

Here are a few of my favourite photos I shot there, including a few tips for you.


If you want to see the see lions, just go down to Fisherman’s Wharf (even though it might be the most touristy part of San Francisco) and follow the noise.


At least he’s honest…


Make sure to rent a bike (you can do it in many places around San Francisco, especially when you get closer to the Golden Gate bridge) and cycle across the bridge. You can either cycle back again or you take a ferry back to San Francisco from Sau Salito.


The view of San Francisco


We made a picnic on the beach


The way to the beach. Can’t tell you where exactly it was, since a local took us here by car.



Love the buildings in San Francisco!


Necessary tourist photo


Take a cable car up to Lombard Street and enjoy the beautiful view from up there!



Twin Peaks

I took a Wild SF Walking Tour through the Mission District, which is known as the gay area of San Francisco (hence the flag), and it was great! Judging from their website a lot changed in the last 4 years, but I am sure even though (or maybe even because) they offer different tours, it’s still one of the best tours for San Francisco. But bring your walking shoes, because San Francisco is hilly, as you might know!


Mission District

The Mission District is also a very unique neighborhood. It’s full of lovely little shops, vintage or not, cafés and restaurants. And none of them are chains! Why? Because the area decided not to let chains in. When Urban Outfitters tried to open a shop there, they refused to give them the space.
Well, this was all back in 2013, but I really hope the area is still as cool, unique and individual as it was.

Photo Friday: Winter wonderland

Winter definitely arrived, I think we’ve all heard on Social Media. I am one of those annoying people who share all the winter wonderland shots on Instagram, Snapchat and/or Facebook. But it’s just too beautiful, isn’t it? See for yourself, here’s my collection of my favourite Winterwonderland shots I took this winter


Deininger Weiher, Bavaria


Deininger Weiher, Bavaria


Deininger Weiher, Bavaria


Deininger Weiher, Bavaria


Osterseen, Bavaria


Grünwald, Bavaria


Grünwald, Bavaria


Deininger Weiher, Bavaria


Weißach, Bavaria


Weißach, Bavaria


Weißach, Bavaria


Deininger Weiher, Bavaria