Cafés to work from in Hamburg, Germany

Hanging Out Café, Grindelviertel


Matcha at Hanging Out Café

It’s Bali in Hamburg! Well, not fully obviously, but it’s close. With bamboo chairs hanging from the ceiling, plants all around and acai bowls on the menu, this café definitely gives away a holiday vibe though. That’s why it offers a great atmosphere for working from there. The WiFi is fast and the food & drinks are also cheap enough for you to stay for a bit and order a few things from the menu. And a plus for me? They have Matcha Latte!




Public Coffee Roasters, Winterhude, Altstadt or Neustadt


Avocado Bread at Public Coffee Roasters

The interior of this café is basically a co-working space in itself. Big tables offer a lot of room for laptops and also meetings, if necessary. When I got here early on a Wednesday morning, there were already around 8 people with laptops gathering around the tables, drinking coffee and fulfilling their work.
They don’t have a lot of options for not-coffee-drinkers like me, but since they had plenty of juices and lemonades, that wasn’t too bad. Unfortunately the WiFi didn’t work for me though. It might have had something to do with our VPN, since everyone else seemed to have no problem. So, for me it wasn’t a great place to work from, but I know a lot of people who use this as their home office, so if you are not connected to any company’s VPN, definitely go check it out!

Nord Coast Roastery, Speicherstadt


Avocado&Eggs at Nord Coast Roastery

A place that offers not only coffee, but also very instagrammable (and delicious!) breakfast, such as bowls or Avocado Toast. The WiFi worked perfectly for me and my colleague. But I guess you gotta be quick – we got there on a Tuesday around 9:15am (after it opened at 9am) and a lot of tables were taken already. But with that view I didn’t mind sitting on one of the smaller window sill-seats.

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