#wirsindmehr – We are more than that

I believe this story made its way all around the world but for anyone who might have not heard about it: A few weeks ago a man was killed in a city called Chemnitz, which is located in Germany’s east. The accused men are from Iran and Syria, so they are refugees. This case started a whole crazy movement with Nazis and other right-winged people who started protests against refugees and any type of foreigners for that matter.

This is something that makes me embarrassed for my country again. It reminds me of our history, of events we should have learnt from rather than them nourishing hate against foreigners. But there will always be people who don’t know better. People who grew up with families, who supported Hitler all the way and still don’t want to admit that what happened was extreme bullshit. And wrong. And that’s probably the worst part. None of the people on the streets – the ones that say Germany needs to be German again and all the foreigners should be kicked out – are FORCED to say that. Our grandparents were on the other hand. They didn’t know better. And even if they did, at one point, they didn’t have a chance anymore. But we do. And we should use that chance.

nazis wespen

“Nazis are more annoying than wasps”, found here.

That’s why it  makes me extremely proud to see the movement that started as an “Anti-movement” to the Nazis. Thousands of people who go to the streets and protest – for a more “colourful” Germany, for a more accepting, understanding and forward Germany. On Monday, there was a concert with some really big names of the German music scene. Kraftklub, Marteria, Casper, Beatsteaks, Die Toten Hosen – they all came together to protest in the best way possible: with music. With people coming together, celebrating together, no matter what race, colour or religion they have. 65.000 souls that just felt the music as a union. And that’s what we should continue to do. Celebrate, live, mourn as a union not as two groups fighting each other (verbally, physically, in any way).

And I hope that the rest of the world can see, that Germany is more than those stupid, uneducated people on the streets. That the majority of Germans want a united and safe Germany, for everyone who lives here. For those who were born here, those who chose to live here and those who are forced to come here.

P.S.: A little fun fact about the murder that started all this bullshit in Chemnitz: The man who was killed was half Cuban. And his friends say, that while he was still alive it was those people, the Nazis that are triggered by that murder, who they had to fight against and were hurt by. This shows once again, how stupid and not reflecting the Nazis really are.

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