7 Things I still haven’t done in Hamburg

You know how you live in a city and you always say “Look, you can do this and that here, we should defo do it!” – and you never do? This still happens to me in Munich  but it also happened during my time in Hamburg. Which might be even worse, because I don’t live there anymore so it’s harder to tick them off the list. Oh, the struggle of being lazy and “comfortable” sometimes.

Anyways, here’s the 7 things I definitely still want to do in Hamburg. One day.

#1 Kayaking on the canals – or SUP it.

I love water. And I love doing things on the water. But somehow I never got around to rent a Kayak and float around the canals.

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#2 Go to the fish market – sober

The fish market… It’s a weird place, where people, who survived a night out at Reeperbahn mingle with people who set their alarm at 4am to stroll around the market. I always belonged to the first group of people while I lived there. Maybe one day, I’ll be one of the reasonable ones.

#3 Visit the inside of the Elbphilharmonie – preferably at a concert

The Elbphilharmonie is probably the most discussed building around Germany ever. (Okay, the Berlin airport is worse…) It took way more time and money than expected to build this thing. Nevertheless, it’s an impressive piece of art that makes Hamburg even cooler than it was before. And even though I’ve seen the outside of it, I can’t wait to go to a concert in there one day.

#4 Sing Karaoke at Thai Oase

I don’t even know why this is on the list, but somehow I feel like I should do it. Maybe I should sing Karaoke more often in general.

#5 Bike through the “Alter Elbtunnel

I’ve walked through it. But I always felt like biking would be the right thing to cross it.

#6 Watch a St Pauli match

St Pauli is not only the area, where Hamburg’s nightlife takes place but also a soccer team. And they are (for me) the more loveable team in Hamburg. And I feel like the St Pauli fans definitely know how to have a good time. So yeah, watching one of their matches in the Millerntor Arena would be pretty cool.

#7 Take a ride at Hamburg Dom

Another thing to do in St Pauli. I know the Hamburger Dom is seen as a bit trashy from everyone who lives in Hamburg but somehow everytime I pass it I feel like I should jump on one of their rides. Preferably the ferris wheel so I can have a wonderful view over Hamburg. One day, baby, one day.

The Power of Color – Streetart around the world Part IX: Norway

Yeah, I know, I normally post street art photos from one city in particular, but somehow I found a few great pieces around Norway that I wanted to share but they were just not enough to split them up into single city-posts. That’s why I give you a little mix of streetart from around Norway (mainly Oslo and Bergen though..)