Milan: A touristy local guide to the best restaurants (and some more)

Well it’s been over a month since I’ve last been in Milan and I finally get around to write about it – a big sorry, life came in the way.

Anyways. In case you follow my Instagram and/or Facebook you might know that I went to Milan twice this spring – once in March for a weekend to visit a friend and once in April for Salone del Mobile for work. Both times I experienced Milan in completely different ways but somehow I ended up getting a great whole image of the city.


The classic shot: The Duomo

March was rainy, cold, grey and not as „Italian“ as you might imagine it. I had a wonderful time with my friend but I still wondered – is Milan maybe not the city for me? I’ve heard mixed things about it, so I wouldn’t have even been surprised by it. So I went home with the opinion, that it has an incredible food scene but doesn’t come close to my favourite Italian city Rome.

But then I came back in April. Heat, sun, millions of people around, so much to do – and my opinion changed drastically. I might still be a bigger fan of Rome (just because I studied Latin for 8 years in school and am fascinated by the city’s rich culture) but I definitely felt some love for Milan.


Brera, the Design District

During Milan Design Week, Milan is one oft he most vibrant cities I’ve ever experienced. You find parties everywhere, Brera is packed with wine-drinkers and pasta-eaters and you can almost smell the creativity.

N’Ombra de Vin was one bar I really enjoyed. We didn’t even go downstairs but just stayed outside with a glass of wine and enjoyed the busy but positive atmosphere around. Definitely worth a visit! The crowd was really mixed, some rather posh people next to Milan hipsters enjoying their aperitivo – so something for everyone.

But like I said, Milan is a food mekkah, so let’s get to that.

One thing my friend told me before I left was „Milan has the best sushi!“. Okay. I mean it’s Italy. I don’t know. But she turned out to be right, I had absolutely incredible Sushi at Temakinho in Milan. It’s a Brazilian-Japanese fusion restaurant (hence the name) and also offers different bowls besides their awesome selection of Sushi.
There’s one in Brera, one in Magenta and one at Ripa di Porta Ticinese, an area you shouldn’t miss when in Milan.


Temakinho Sushi

Ripa di Porta Ticinese is a street (or more like to streets) along the water, without cars and lined with restaurants and bars. Warm, mild nights there are just wonderful, because you ca sit outside and watch the different people – tourists and Italians – pass you, doing their thing, enjoying life, while having a glass of wine. It’s perfection. And while you are there, go to Rinomata Gelateria and try their delicious Gelato!


Rinomata Gelateria

The most authentic Italian food I ate was at Salsamenteria Di Parma. Somehow you step into the restaurant and you feel like you are somewhere in the middle of Italy, in a small town and their local restaurant. They serve different types of bruschetta and pasta dishes and all of it is super delicious!


And since my blog now has the tagline „On the hunt fort he best matcha“ I obviously I need to share this with you: MACHA. It’s a matcha café full of delicious Matcha bowls, cakes and lattes. I had one of their Matchas and even though it wasn’t the best one I’ve had so far, I still felt like I found a piece of heaven there.


Other restaurants I tried and loved.

  • Felice e TestaccioFamous for its pasta Cacio e Pepe, a pasta with creamy cheese sauce and pepper.
  • Drogheria Milanese. Just like an Italian tapas place.
  • Miscusi. Me and my colleague just coincidentally stumbled into this restaurant, because it was close to our AirBnb. Turns out it is a pretty “in” restaurant in Milan. It serves different types of Pasta, some starters and desserts. Definitely worth trying!

Fruits around Brera

What else to do in Milan? Obviously, Milan is a great city to shop. They have shops I’ve never heard of or shops we don’t get in Germany. There’s Oysho, which I love, there’s Pull&Bear, Urban Outfitters, Bershka, there are smaller boutiques around Brera – there’s everything.

Other than that I walked around a lot. I mean, you know this by now, walking around is my favourite way of exploring the city. Brera was great, you will find so many photo opportunities around there and you won’t get sick of them. There are cool shops (Check out Il Cirmolo, a fascinating antique store where I was wishing I had more than hand luggage and a bit more money to myself as well), great restaurants and so much more to see.


Streets of Brera

Fondazione Prada is a cool museum to visit. They have a permanent exhibition, but also a few changing ones, so check out which one is on during your visit, but don’t miss the cool architecture of that place.

When we researched places you NEED to see during Milan Design Week / Salone del Mobile, 10 Corso Como popped up. It’s somehow a mix of everything – roof top, shop, café, museum. Not that I could afford any of the clothes in there (they sell high priced brands) but the place itself is pretty cool. The gallery is very small, so you don’t need much time to go through it, but it’s definitely worth a visit.


Rooftop of 10 Corso Como

So, like you see, I discover cities one restaurant at a time. And by foot. And because Milan is full of beautiful streets and buildings, you don’t really need to go see the “musts” to have a good time and enjoy the city!

Photo Friday: Getting you festival excited.

Festival season is coming closer and I couldn’t be more excited for it. Drinking beer out of cans, no matter what time it is, playing Flunky Ball all day, listening to live music while lying in the grass, enjoying the sun (hopefully) and spending three days away from reality with friends and good energies – it’s the dream!
This is why I decided to get you festival excited with a new Photo Friday. Enjoy and happy weekend! x


Dockville Festival

DSC_4421 Kopie

Dockville Festival

DSC_4456 Kopie

Dockville Festival


Rock en Seine


Southside Festival


Southside Festival


Southside Festival


Southside Festival


Dockville Festival


Dockville Festival


Spektrum Festival


Dockville Festival


Dockville Festival


Dockville Festival


Dockville Festival


Southside Festival


Longitude Festival