The Best and the Worst Moments experienced on the road.

Traveling is not always fun and great times. But a lot of times it is. This post is supposed to show you how wonderful but also how awful my travels have been at times – and that I survived all of this and learned some valuable lessons from it.

The worst homesickness: The most homesick I felt in San Francisco. This had two reasons I guess, number 1 is that it was one of the first stops on my Around the World Trip that I was actually by myself, and number 2 is, that The US is not really a place for lonely backpackers, especially the big cities. I experienced the same thing in L.A., hostels are more for people who just quickly stop over or for groups of friends that go on weekend trips. So it was very lonely for a bit, but I got over it, because like this post is supposed to show you: There are ups and downs on the road.


San Francisco, 2013

The best friendship made: That’s a very tough one. There’s one girl though, that I instantly felt connected to and we are still friends and visiting each other, even though it’s been 4 years now (Love you, Bonnie!). I met plenty of wonderful people throughout my journey and I try to keep in touch with most of them, but she’s definitely someone special. And we even only had about a week together on Bali!


Me and Bonnie at Rock en Seine, 2015

The worst sickness: There are a few. But I guess my bed bugs in Vietnam were the worst. Vietnam in general wasn’t great for my health, I remember one night in Da Lat, I stayed in bed crying, while there was a big family dinner feast happening downstairs because I had stomach cramps. But the bed bugs where something else, especially since I didn’t really know what to do and I got blisters all over and they started swelling up immensly. But luckily it was at the very end of my trip, so I knew if it got worse, I was home soon enough to have someone I actually understand take a look at it.

The time I felt most proud of myself: This is easy, it was on Gili Trawangan. Bali was the first country on my trip that I ended up being by myself for longer than a few days. And especially coming from a surf camp where you have people around you 24/7 and easily get to know them, it was hard for me to arrive at a hostel and come into a completely empty room, not knowing how to meet people. So I had a whole day by myself on Gili T and by the end of it, I was feeling pretty lonely. So I got back to the hostel and heard people upstairs in the bar/common room. I didn’t really know what to do, but I just got upstairs, grabbed a bear from the bar and asked the group to join them. It ended up being a pretty fun night!
And yes, this might sound very “normal” for some of you, but I have a little bit of shyness inside me and things like that require a lot of courage for me.

The worst hangover: Not sure. When I was traveling I was 23/24 and I never really got a hangover. I was basically able to go out 7 days a week. And when I was in Vietnam in 2016, I didn’t get completely wasted since I really wanted to enjoy every day of the two weeks I was there.


Bintang Time on Bali

The best night out: That’s a tough one. One of the best nights I had traveling solo was on Bali, when our surf camp had a huge party one night. The main thing why it was so good had to do with the fact that I knew almost everyone at the party so it felt like a great night out with friends. And we all jumped into the pool at one point and I mean, is there anything better than a party that ends with everyone in a pool?

The worst day and/or night: I don’t know if I ever had an over all bad day, but I definitely had one day that I’ll never forget. One day before I left Sydney to go to Bali, I thought I lost my wallet. I looked everywhere for it, even went back into the stores where I last had it – NOTHING. I unpacked my whole backpack – NOTHING. I searched my friends’ house – NOTHING. I already gave up, when my friends said they needed to go back to one of the stores where I thought I had left it anyways and they would just ask again if it wass there. And yes, it was. The guy I asked before just assumed it was one of the girls’ that worked there and not mine. So awful day turned into a lucky day pretty quickly.

The worst journey: My worst journey was definitely the one from Hoi An, Vietnam to Da Lat, Vietnam. I had a stomach bug and felt sick all throughout the bus rides – that were around 18 hours long in total. And the worst thing about it – all the toilets on the road where literally holes in the ground, so that didn’t help at all.


Not the best place for stomach cramps.

The most amazing journey: Without a doubt the flight from Sydney to Lord Howe Island. When I left Sydney, I had the best view over the beaches and when I got to Lord Howe Island I had the most beautiful view over the most breathtaking island on this planet. And all this even though I thought I might die throughout the whole flight. So, you see, it’s definitely worth it.


Most shared photo on this blog.

The biggest disappointment:  The Full Moon Party on Koh Phagnan, Thailand. I really wanted to go there, because you hear so much about it, but I just didn’t really have the best time. I enjoyed seeing all the madness, but I didn’t feel like being part of it. It probably had to do with the fact that I wasn’t with great friends but with girls I met two days before that and it’s definitely a different thing. But still, not my cup of tea. But I’m sure I crossed it off my bucket list.


Full Moon Party, Koh Phangang, 2014

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