10 Fun Facts about me

It’s been over two years since I’ve started this blog and because of that I felt like it’s about time for you guys to know a few more personal (fun) facts about me.

#1 I’m very superstitious.
Example: There are Lion statues in Munich at the entrance to the Residenz at Odeonsplatz and people say that you have to touch their nose for good luck. I literally can’t pass them without doing it.
I also remember that when my necklace got stolen in Vietnam last year, I was convinced something bad was about to happen. (It didn’t.)

#2 I only drink sparkling water.
Which can be a problem in many countries. But I’m improving!

#3 I start eating new food whenever I go traveling.
I am super picky with food. But traveling helps me overcome that. When I came back from my first solo trip to Canada (I was 16), I suddenly ate salad. After Australia I loved cheese. And so on and so on. (Let’s not get into the fact that I didn’t like cheese until I was 19. I don’t get it either.)

#4 My addiction is Matcha.IMG_1860
I love Matcha Lattes. But you could not get me to drink coffee ever. And trust me, I’ve tried.

#5 I HATE flying but I’ve been on hundreds of planes already.IMG_4398

I actually just found out what’s the reason behind that fear the other day: When I was around 8 years old my grandma said to me before we left to go to the US for the first time that she just hopes we won’t crash. Or something along those lines. And apparently that’s what triggered it all. But I’m working on it and meditation definitely helps.

#6 I’ve had bed bugs before – twice.
Once in a hostel in Sydney, Australia and once in a hostel in Saigon, Vietnam. It’s awful. Can’t recommend it 😀

#7 I’ve been kicked off a campsite in Australia once.
Read the full story here.

#8 I hate hick-ups.
This is something that most of my friends find very odd about me. I’m not the biggest fan of others having hick-ups, but I can handle it. But once it hits me, I need to leave immediately and walk around. Ideally I do that until it’s gone but you know how persistent hick-ups can be but at least I need to handle it by myself before I face others with that awkwardness.

#9 I would choose Asian food over everything.
Yes, I know, Asian food is a broad term. And if I had to choose a particular Asian food it would be a tie between Thai and Vietnamese I guess. Summer Rolls vs. Pad Thai? That’s tough..

#10 I am a walker.
I always check how long it’ll take me to walk from A to B. If it’s under an hour and I’ve got time, I normally walk. Especially because I just hate waiting around, especially for trains and busses, I’m too impatient for it.

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