Citytrips during winter – why not?

November’s here. And that means that days are getting shorter and colder. I am not really one to complain about weather but it’s clearly more fun to go and explore places when you can still feel your nose and fingers after an hour outside and you don’t have to try and take in all the daylight for photos before 4:30pm. But still.. There are some perks to traveling and exploring in the winter time. So if you need some convincing, keep on reading.

The biggest reason for me probably is that there are less tourists around in the winter time. I’ve been to a lot of places around Europe during winter, such as Belfast, Stockholm or Amsterdam and I’m not saying it wasn’t freezing cold but I also wasn’t sharing all the sights with a trillion other tourists.


Stockholm, March 2015

But also, a lot of places have a special charm about them in the winter time. Christmas lights, snow, all the hot chocolate you can drink… it can be quite nice actually. And if you feel like you’d enjoy the place more in the summertime you can always come back!

Which brings me to the next point: How stupid would it be to waste all the winter months (and there are quite a few of them here in Germany) on spending the weekends inside and not really leaving the house to explore?
Ever since I started working full-time (I have been doing internships before but it’s a different things), I realised how precious weekends, bank holidays and all the days you get off actually are. And I try not to waste them inside – no matter if it’s summer or winter.


Amsterdam, February 2017

I am a big sucker for food and drinks and therefore for cool/cute cafés and restaurants and bars. So if the weather’s shitty outside you at least have a reason to try as many cafés and restaurants as possible. I went to Stockholm in February this year and it was freezing cold, my face burned constantly from the cold. So I decided to stroll around the city for 1-2 hours at a time and then sit at a café for a bit to warm up. Obviously, it might get a bit expensive but there are other options too. What about a museum for example?

There are so many great galleries and museums around the world. I have to admit, a lot of times I don’t make it into them when I travel because there’s so much to see but when you go during the winter months you have the perfect reason to visit one: you can warm up inside while looking at impressive art, photography or whatever you are interested in. It’s a shame to miss some of the great museums, like the Victoria and Albert Museum in London or Fotografiska in Stockholm, just to name two.


Dublin, October 2015

That being said, I am getting VERY excited for my upcoming trips to Lisbon (November/December), Prague (December) and London (January) and for exploring the magic of that time of the year in different cities around Europe.

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