10 Songs I can’t live without: Part III

I was told that a lot of people really enjoy these posts so I decided to make another one. I hope I can do them once a month but at least once every two months, I promise!
Enjoy x

#1 Portugal. The Man. – Feel It Still

This is definitely my instant happy song at the moment. Just click play and you’ll see why.

#2 Angus and Julia Stone – Chateau

The voices of these siblings bring back memories from times spent in Australia back in the days. They fially brought out a new album (and go on tour yay!) and even though the whole album is brilliant, this one’s by far my favourite song.

#3 Dennis Lloyd – Nevermind (Alright)

Thanks to the fact that I have friends working in the music business, I get all these great tips if musicians to check ou. This is one of them!

#4 LÉON – Surround me

You might know LÉON already from one of my other 10 songs-posts but since all her songs are pure magic (I mean, that voice!) here’s another one of her.

#5 Sundara Karma – Happy Family

When listening to this song I suddenly feel like I was driving down one of these streets in California or Nevada or somewhere in the middle of nowhere. And since my Fernweh is killing me now, it’s the perfect song.

#6 French Monatana – Unforgettable

Old(er) but still gold. I started going to the Gym before work because I wouldn’t be able to fit it into my life and this is a song that always gets me going on the treadmill at 6am.

#7 Mumford & Sons – Friend of the Devil

FINALLY A NEW MUMFORD AND SONS SONG. That’s all. It’s a cover and so far there’s no Youtube Video of it, but check it on Spotify if you have an account there, it’s very very good.

#8 RY X – Howling

I really thought this song was in one of my lists already because I can’t stop listening to it. But it wasn’t. So it is now.

#9 Sohn – Conrad

I can’t really explain my feelings when I listen to music. It’s just this instant happiness. Just like it is with this song. So many emotions.

#10 Pam Pam Ida – Schultertanz

This one’s very random for all of you non-germans (or probably even most of you Germans out there) since it’s a Bavarian song. My friend kept playing it over and over one night when we were supposed to go to Oktoberfest but ended up just staying in and it captured the mood perfectly. Maybe you enjoy it without even understanding a word – give it a try! 🙂

Cover Photo: by Thomas via Flickr

7 of my favourite restaurants – interior-wise

I love trying out new restaurants and sharing them with you. But it’s not always the food that convinces me but also everything around it. I love special, different or just cozy interior and I decided to do a bit of a different Photo Friday this week with my favourite restaurants interiorwise. Let’s go.

#1 Fumbally Café, Dublin, Ireland

In a way it’s like a cozy living room that offers food and coffee. Perfect!


#2 Skinflint, Dublin, Ireland

This is clearly not a great shot of the restaurant, but I kinda like the atmosphere in it. My favourite part are the tables, that are made out of old doors covered with glass. (Read more about it on my blog here.)


#3 Taco Taco, Dublin, Ireland

I’ve written about Taco Taco before on my blog but again: Look at this interior! The painted walls, the tiles around the bar, the school-like chairs… Perfection.


#4 The Grounds of Alexandria, Sydney, Australia

The Grounds of Alexandria are a special thing it itself. It’s not one restaurant, it’s more like a little “food court” with restaurants and an outside area and coffee and flowers and so much more to discover. And the style of the place made me fall in love with it and made me wish I could celebrate my wedding there.


#5 Rocca Riviera, Munich, Germany

This place is definitely the fanciest one on the list and might not be my favourite place when it comes to the clientele but look at the couches!


#6 Ooh baby I like it raw, Munich, Germany

Just a small little charming café. Watch out for a review of their food on my blog soon.


#7 Ja mai, Munich, Germany

No, this is not in Asia, even though the little stools might suggest it. It’s actually in the middle of Munich but it sure threw me back to Vietnam a little.


There are so many more great restaurants interior-wise, but it’s never easy to take a good looking photo of a packed bar or restaurant. I’ll keep trying though and will definitely do more of these posts.