South Tyrol: An upcoming Italian destination

South Tyrol.. It’s a very unique and special place for me. Ever since I can remember, we’ve been going here (between Bolzano and Merano) for a bit of hiking, nature and exploring.
Even though it’s in Italy, almost all people speak German because of its proximity to the Austrian boarder. Therefore it’s a very popular destination for German tourists/travelers.
But it should definitely not be ignored by all the other travelers from around the world since that area has so much to offer!
It’s a very famous wine region with vines all around and lots of opportunities to try and buy the most delicious wine. On top of that, it’s famous for its Schnaps, which can be tried and bought at a lot of places around there as well.


Snowcaps on the way







Bolzano and Merano are Italian cities after all, so if you are looking to do a bit of shopping, come here and you won’t be disappointed. And with the beautiful combination of old colorful houses and mountains in the background, the scenery isn’t too bad either.






Me between the vines

But shopping isn’t the main attraction of that area, it’s definitely the nature and hiking. You can choose from so many different walks from easy to hard, in the mountains, around the lakes or through the vines and apple trees. Most of them lead you to a little restaurant (at one point) where you can eat the typical food such as bacon/ham, bread etc. and drink some apple juice or wine from that area.

Grape harvest



Waterfall close to the “Kalterer See”

Kalterer See


Apple Trees

So if you are into nature, think about coming to South Tyrol at one point. Especially around September the weather is great, we had a bit of rain one night but other than that the sun was out all the time and it was warm enough for just a leather jacket or sometimes even a t-shirt.

Things you need to know

  • Currency: It’s all in Euro, just like the rest of Italy
  • Language: Italian and German
  • Destinations: You can stay in Bolzano or Merano and just do day trips from there (it’s easy to reach by train or bus) or you choose one of the many hotels in the surrounding areas. Having a car is a plus.
  • Food and drinks you have to try: Try some wine of the area. Get a “Brotzeitbrett” which is full of cheese and ham and bread. And since you are in Italy, pasta’s always a good option.
  • Preparations: Definitely get a guide book for the best walks and hikes beforehand. The hotels also have maps of the areas, but it’s nice to choose the most interesting ones beforehand.


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