The importance of friendships.

I’ve recently read an article in this German magazine called Flow (if you are German and haven’t heard about it / read it, you should definitely go for it!) where they were basically saying, that people nowadays are spending less time with their friends but more time on the internet and Netflix.

Really? Like, really?


I mean, I know Netflix’s great and binge watching is even better and the internet is full of websites to get lost on (ever been online shopping? or ever started watching one You Tube video and ended up still doing it 5 hours later?), but should we really spend less time with friends because of that?

In German, we call the time after work “Feierabend”, which basically means celebration evening. A time, we should celebrate, because we are off work and able to do whatever we want to. And yes, there are days where all you want to do is go home and watch TV all night long and that’s fair enough.

But aren’t the people around us what makes life as great as it is? Going out for dinner, cooking at home, having a glass of wine, going for a walk, going for coffee… Most of those things are made even better when doing it with a friend. And no virtual person (or virtual animal for that matter) is an adequate substitute for that.

I think when you are traveling alone, that’s one thing you realise. Nothing beats those days where you wake up and you know the only person you have to please today is you. You can stay in bed if you feel like it, you can walk 10 hours around town, you can go lay on the beach with your favourite book… There are no limits when you have no other person with you who has their own ideas about the day. But you also realise how hard it can be. How important friends are. You crave nights with your best friend, sitting in the kitchen having wine, cheese, talks and lots of laughter. Or you just want to have a night full of dancing with people you’ve know for ages.

original_url: 18F97DDA-3A57-41EC-A38E-2FFADD643F7F

So if you are home at the moment and not chasing waterfalls, hiking mountains or lying on beaches around the world: Go out, enjoy every single day you have, because life is short and friends and family are very important!


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