The ultimate packing list: Festival edition

I’ve been to quite a few festivals now (this year is my 8th time at Southside Festival in Germany) and I’ve learned a lot about packing the right things and not too much for it. That’s why I thought I’d share my tips with you.


Dawn of the dead on the last day of the festival


Clearly, eating is very important, especially when you drink a lot like you usually do at a festival. That’s why planning this part is vital. But what do you really need?
At my first festival we bought a lot of food containers like Ravioli, Chili con Carne and other unnecessary stuff. Throughout the years, we realised that you don’t really need to bring much. So here’s what I always buy: Bread, cream cheese, fruits&vegetables (apples, carrots, …) and a few nuts. Usually you spend most of your day at the festival ground and walking back just to cook and eat your container ravioli is a waste of time for me. Sure, it’s a question of money as well, but I think hearing all the live music is worth it.


Especially when going to festivals in Germany you can never know what to expect with the weather? Will it be crazy rain and cold? Or will it be the sunniest weekend yet? And even if the weather forecast predicts sun all weekend, it can still get cold at night and muddy around the festival ground. That’s why my luggage always contains the following:
Overknee socks 
(They are perfect to put on with your shorts when it gets cold at night)
A rain jacket or wind breaker
A warm jumper and sweatpants (for the evenings and sleeping)


Clearly another given. But what do you really need? I always bring facial wipes (I know that they are not very good for the environment but they are just so practical), mascara if I feel like I really need it, shower gel and shampoo and hand sanatizer (!!!). Other than that you don’t really need much else (except if you have contact lenses like I do). But if the weather is good, don’t forget to pack sun screen as well, a painful sunburn is the last thing you need at a festival!
And don’t forget toilet paper. It’s not only good when using one of the portable toilets another time than early on the first day but it also serves your Karma points well. Ever stood in front of a toilet, handing out toilet paper? People will love you.


Me and a portable toilet on a Sunday. Wonderful.

Camping Gear/Practical things

Well, a tent and a sleeping bag are obvious but what else do you need? Definitely bring some camping chairs, because if it rains just a little bit, you don’t really want to sit on the floor anymore. And another thing important, to either be a shelter from rain but also from sun: a pavilion. You can get them at any construction market and they are cheap enough (if you are a bigger group) to just leave it there in the end. Make sure to fix it with lots of tape (the strong silver one to be exact), so it won’t break with people tripping over it or the wind trying to blow it up.
As a bag, try to bring a fanny pack, since that way you have your hands free to party like a rockstar and it’s not as easy to get robbed or anything.
You never know who you are going to camp next to and how there endurance looks like, so if you want to get a little bit of sleep at night, don’t forget earplugs.

Fun things

Because I always lose things, I decided to not bring anything too valuable to a festival anymore (except for my phone because let’s face it, you’d literally be lost at a festival without one), so I started buying disposable cameras to bring. They are usually around €10 and take up to 30 photos so perfect for a festival day.
We also always (try to) bring a ball to play Flunkyball, a drinking game that’s apparently not known in many other countries, and if you want to listen to music before the actual festival acts start, bring some speakers with you. If your festival actually offers a festival radio (Southside does, for example) you can also bring a radio to be up to date on any changes and listen to all the great bands you are going to see or have seen live that weekend.
Also, a water gun always brings lots of fun and definitely refreshment if the weather’s too hot to handle!


Flunky Ball

I hope this helps you to have the best festival weekend ever!

If you want to read more about my festival experiences so far, click here and here and look out for some upcoming posts.

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