Funding traveling through flea markets: 7 survival tips.

I am in a few travel groups on Facebook (Girls love travel and Girls vs Globe are my favourite ones, btw) and one question that gets asked quite frequently is how people fund their travels. And one tip I can give you is selling at flea markets. Why? Because you get rid of unnecessary stuff AND get some money for your travels. Win-win situation I would call that. And because selling at a flea market sounds easier than it is, here are a few tips I can give you. (And I owe a lot of them to a good friend of mine who is the queen of flea markets :))

#1 A good spot is the key!

Try and find a spot where people see you right away. It always depends if you are outdoor or indoor, but try to imagine where you would go first. Corners can be hard, because people walk past quickly, same with hallways. If you can’t choose your spot but you get assigned one, you should make sure that you at least follow the next tip.

#2 Make your stall look interesting and appealing!

Yes, your clothes might be great, but if your stall looks like a big war zone, it might not attract as many people as you’d want to. That’s why you should try to make your stall look as appealing as possible. Get a few racks, so you can hang up almost everything. Put up a table, to present your sunglasses, beauty products, bags or anything else you sell. And put up your shoes neatly. Voilà! (Yes, it might not look like this after the people start showing up but it’s a good start.)
Above you can see a video of our stall at a flea market last weekend. We were four girls, that’s why it looks like one big boutique.

#3 Wear something cool


Think about it.. If you go to a flea market and there are 100 stalls to choose from, you are probably more attracted to a stall where you like the seller’s outfit. So think about what you wear, so it represents the style of the clothes you are selling, at least a little bit. (But wear comfortable shoes, you’ll be standing around for hours after all!)

#4 Be equipped


Flea markets are long and tough. And sometimes there are calm moments where you just want (and need) to relax. So make sure to bring a chair! Also, snacks and drinks are essentials, of course.

#5 Make up your mind about prices before


That’s a mistake I made the last time. I just decided when someone came up and asked and most of the time I sold it for way less than it was still worth. And I never even tried the selling it for that price in the first place. So make yourself some mental notes about it.

#6 Watch out for thieves!

This obviously depends on the kind of flea market you plan to visit and the client base it has, but make sure you always have an eye on your stuff. It might be useful to only put out one shoe, especially when you don’t have a good view over the whole stall, or only hang up pictures or put out the box of expensive jewelry. In the end, you can never be sure if no one stole anything, but you can always try to prevent it, at least a little bit.

#7 But above all, don’t take it to seriously

thrift shop

Yes, make up the prices beforehand but if a nice lady comes up to you and really really wants that jacket you wanted to sell for 15€ but would only give you 10€ for it, maybe give in sometimes. In the end, you have one less item in your closet and you made someone very, very happy!

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