5 Quick Bites in Munich

I’m a huge foodist. And I love having an actual sit-down lunch/dinner. But sometimes things get in the way – work, university, the errands you need to run, the uncomfortable feeling of having to eat alone (when solo traveling) and so on.
This is why I decided to put a list together on where to get great quick bites around Munich. This is Part 1, since I am sure I will discover a few more great places in the next few months.

#1 Dean and David (e.g. Tal 42 or Schellingstraße 13)

Dean and David offers a variety of great salads, sandwiches, smoothies and a few different curries. You can either let them mix your own salad or choose one of their already-put-together combinations. Either way, you will have a great, delicious AND healthy lunch (or dinner). Needless to say, that there are a lot of vegetarian options here.
There are 15 different locations around Munich, for example in the subway station at Karlsplatz (Stachus), one in the Tal (close to Viktualienmarkt) and one in Leopoldstraße (Schwabing). Check out their website for all their locations, since they also have a few others around Germany.

#2 Yum2take (Hohenzollernplatz 1 and Sebastiansplatz 8)


Yum2take isn’t only a take away place, as the restaurant might suggest. It also has seats to eat in, but the preparation of the food is very quick and you’ll definitely only spend around 30 minutes in there. (Obviously it might be a bite longer if you hit the peak time.)
The dishes are all thai and even though they might to be the most authentic thai I’ve ever had, they are very enjoyable and well priced.
Obviously, just like you know Thai food, you can find enough vegetarian options if wanted.
One in Schwabing, Hohenzollernplatz and one close to Viktualienmarkt, Sebastiansplatz.

#3 Aloha Poke (Türkenstraße 80)


Photo by me

Ever been to Hawaii? Nope, me neither. Still, I’ve heard about the new trend of Poke bowls before and when a store dedicated to it opened in Munich (Aloha PokeTürkenstraße 80, Maxvorstadt) a few weeks ago, I obviously had to try it out.
And it didn’t disappoint me. All the ingredients are super fresh and the interior feels like you’re on your summer holiday. Even if it’s snowing outside.
You can either get a combination put together by the shop or you get inspired by the ingredients on display and create your very own bowl.
Even vegetarians will find a way to try this deliciousness, since they also offer Tofu as a substitute for the fish.
(For all the Coriander Haters out there: The peanut coriander sauce doesn’t taste like coriander. Not at all. Not even a little. It’s actually very delicious. Trust me.)
And if you don’t feel like eating inside or you can’t find a seat, just get your bowl to take away and stroll down to the English Garden to enjoy it there.

#4 Bite Delight (Schellingstraße 15 and FÜNF HÖFE, Maffaistraße 6)


The Mango Bowl and a Matcha Latte (by me)

Bite Delight attracted me because they offer one of the only (and best) Matcha Lattes in Munich. But then I discovered that their food options are actually delicious as well.
They offer Acai, Matcha or Mango bowl all day, next to a delicious range of sandwiches, salads and other healthy snacks.
A lot of their stuff is vegetarian as well, so no need to worry there if you’re not keen on meat.
There’s one in the Fünf Höfe, between Marienplatz and Odeonsplatz and one at Schellingstraße close to the University.

#5 Ringlers (Sendlinger Straße 45)

Ringlers is located in the heart of Munich, right in Sendlinger Straße, close to the Sendlinger Tor (U1, U2, U3 or U6 subway station). The place is really small and maybe some of your passed it millions of times without noticing it or going it, but trust me, you missed out. They don’t only have a changing daily menu you can choose from and either take away or eat in, but they also have great sandwiches, including a mediterranean grill sandwich or a vegetarian grill sandwich. (So yes, it’s vegetarian friendly!)

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