10 Songs I can’t live without at the moment

Because Music is life and my last post about music has been posted way too long ago, here are a few newer songs (and/or albums) I can’t live without at the moment. Maybe I can inspire you a little!

#1 The xx – I see you (Album)

The xx is without a doubt one of my Top 5 favourite bands. And their album I see you is one I could listen to on repeat. All day, every day. Not only because so many of thoeir songs speak right from my soul.

#2 Khalid – 8TEEN

Thanks to the Instagramer Brenda Hashtag I found Khalid and I’ll be forever thankful because whenever the song starts playing on my phone, it instantly puts me in a good mood.

#3 Ibeyi – Stranger / Lover

I owe the discovery of this song to a very special person, whom it will probably always remind me of. The two sisters that form Ibeyi are not only blessed with wonderful voices but are also absolutely stunning.

#4 Léon – Liar

Last time I was in Sweden, I met the producer of Léon and ever since I am in love with her music. Her voice is beautiful and the whole atmosphere of her songs is just captivating.

#5 Tash Sultana – Jungle

Tash Sultana has a very crazy life story, considering she’s only 19. When she was 17, she was tripping on mushrooms for several months, which made her decide to skip drugs all together and focus solely on music. Thank God she did!

#6 D.A.N. – Clothes off

I don’t remember how I found this song but it speaks to me on so many levels. Listen to the lyrics!

#7 Sia – Helium

Sia, Sia, Sia ❤ I am so much in love with her voice, her lyrics, her whole being, I can’t express it with words.
(Ignore the fact that this song is on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack.)

#8 Banks – Crowded Places

Finally there’s a “new” Banks song and it’s definitely on the same great, mystic level of her old songs. So in love.

#9 London Grammar – Big Picture

Another “new” song by one of the most beautiful, enchanting voices out there. Still can’t believe how tiny and cute the person behind it looks.

#10 Akua Naru – Poetry: How does it feel?

This song is pure sex. Press play and you’ll know what I mean.

And one more for good luck. It’s an all time favourite that will probably never get old even though it’s actually pretty old already.

#11 Vanessa Carlton – A thousand miles


Cover Photo: by Thomas via Flickr

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