Dublin’s Nightlife: My Top 5 Bars that are close enough to Temple Bar

Dublin is a great place for a weekend full of drinking and fun. I mean, we’ve all heard about the stereotypical Irish: A lot of fun and a lot of alcohol. (Which I actually don’t fully agree with, because Irish are definitely more than that!)

The main area that people go to when visiting Dublin and looking for a pint of Guiness is Temple Bar. And don’t get me wrong, the pubs around there are pretty cool to see but you’d definitely never meet any locals in there. So maybe I can inspire you to walk a few minutes away from the red little pub on the corner and see a few of the places where locals hang out. Here are my Top 5 bars around Temple Bar that are not Temple Bar itself.

#1 Hogans (35-37 South Great George’s Street)

Hogans is a pub that looks a lot like a typical Irish pub. A lot of dark wood, a lot of beer tabs and a lot of tables to lounge around at. I really like the vibe here and the best thing is, that they do have live music most nights. And a great outdoor area aka the sidewalk that is always packed with people, especially on warmer days.

#2 No Name Bar (3 Fade Street)

No Name Bar (or Secret Bar or Bar with no name, you can call it what you want) is located just a few steps away from Hogans and can’t be found that easily. The door has a huge snail hanging above it, which is a good hint on where to go if you know about it. Once you made your way up the stairs you get into a bar that has a bit of a (big) living room flair, full of couches and chairs. It also has an outdoor smoking area with a lot of seats, that is pretty packed on busy nights.

#3 Nolita (64 South Great Georges Street)


Photo by me

Nolitas is a pretty new bar / restaurant in Dublin. It’s located where Soder+Ko used to be and is not only a great Pizza place but also offers cocktails and 90s and mainstream tunes to dance along to all night. And on top of it all, it also has one of the most beautiful smoking terraces in Dublin.

#4 Pyg (Powerscourt Townhouse, South William Street)

When I studied in Dublin, Pyg was our go to place whenever we went for a drink. Not only do they do great cocktails, they do 2 for 1 cocktails Sunday to Friday. And not those stupid deals where they have to be the same type of drinks, you can choose whatever cocktail you want to. And on the weekends, the place is turning into a night club with different DJs playing.

#5 Workmans (10 Wellington Quay)

For some reason, this place is my absolute favourite in Dublin. I guess it’s safe to say that I had my best Dublin nights there. It’s a mix of a cool club where you can dance to Indie music, Hip Hop and/or electronic music (depending on the night and the room) and a relaxed place outside, where you can enjoy a good drink and talk to your mates. It’s open til 3am on the weekends and is free to get in. Win-win.


Have fun exploring Dublin nightlife! And I’ll make sure to keep you feeding my favourite bars around Dublin. And Munich. And everywhere else I go.

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