Expectation vs Reality: St Patrick’s Day in Dublin

St Patrick Day is coming up. To be precise, it’s on Friday, the 17th of March.
Last year, I was lucky enough to celebrate it in Dublin. Since it’s THE Irish holiday, everyone gets off work and the city is one big party. I know all the things I expected it to be, so I kind of thought I might tell you a few things that weren’t exactly like I thought they would be, so you could be prepared for what to expect 🙂


Unfortunately you are not allowed to drink on the streets in Dublin. So while in Munich, for example, you would find people walking around the streets or sitting in the park with cans of beer, in Dublin you have to go to a pub to do so. But then again, the pubs are open all the time, especially on St Patrick’s Day, so there’s no lack of alcohol.

If you plan on checking out the parade, you should bring some time and comfortable shoes. It starts at Parnell Square (on the North Side of the city, at the end of O’Connell Street) at 12pm and finishes at Stephen’s Green on the Southside (find the exact route here). It’s best to be at the spot you are choosing early enough though, because otherwise you’ll stand at the very back of the crowd and trust me, with people wearing their funny hats or wigs or whatever they fancy, you won’t have a great view anymore. If you know anyone living along the route or your hotel’s located there, make sure to catch a window seat there!


A pretty cool spot to watch the parade

Since the parade goes all around town, public transport is disturbed a little. A lot of the main bus routes can’t go their normal ways because the streets are closed down (a lot of times that starts late on the 16th already). So make sure to figure out how you get into town the easiest, if you’re not staying there already.


The Parade

If you are in Dublin a few days before the event, make sure to check out shops like Euro Giant, so you can get all the Shamrock hats, socks, temporary tattoos or anything else your heart desires for very little money. But trust me, no one will judge you if you don’t. It’s just more fun 🙂

Check out what you should know before visiting Dublin on my blog here for all the things that are not St Patrick’s Day related but still important to know.

And if there is no chance for you to go to Dublin for St Patrick’s Day this year, make sure to do it once in your life, because it’s a fun experience. And in the meantime, find the closest Irish pub in your town and have some craic with friends on Friday!



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