Is catching flights not feelings really what it’s all about?

The other day, I’ve read this article about being a wild girl that never settles. And I also shared it on my Facebook page, because I somehow relate to it. But it also made me wonder about the whole thing. Is it really a either-or-question? Do you have to decide between catching flights and catching feelings?

When reading articles like that, I always feel like I’m not wild enough. Not traveler enough. Because it sounds like as soon as you start liking a guy or start finding an actual job, you are not the wild solo-traveling girl anymore. But I don’t believe that.


Deep inside I will always be a traveler. I will always get that feeling of excitement when I book a flight. A feeling that nothing else can give me. But I’m almost 27 now and I’ve been away from home for 6 years. Living on the other side of Germany, living on an European island, traveling the world. And even though I loved every second of it, I also love every second I get to spend at home. And that’s why now, I’ve decided to “settle down”.

I remember the feeling when I took the job in Munich and therefore decided to settle down back home for a little while longer than usually. I was confused. I was disappointed in myself. I was a Little bit sad. And then I told a friend about it. I asked her if she thought I would give up on what I am, just because I decide to go back home. And to settle for a Job. And maybe an Appartement soon. And maybe also a guy at one Point. And she said exactly what I was thinking and what made me decide in the end: We never fully settle down. Making a decision like that doesn’t define the rest of your life, it just defines the next few years of your life. You can always quit your Job and go travel again. You can always move to a different City and start a new Job. You are never fully settled if you don’t want to be.

So, what I am trying to say is. Yes, I do love the saying “Catch flights not Feelings” and I agree with a lot of the things that it stands for. But I would never, ever say it’s the only way to live. Because every one of us strives for finding the right guy. And if it is the right guy, you probably won’t stop traveling anyways. You will just have a person by your side while doing it.

4 thoughts on “Is catching flights not feelings really what it’s all about?

  1. Hey, going back to Munich sounds awesome! Einfach die beste Stadt! I’m French and I lived there for 2 years and adored it – and now I am back home in France. It’s ok to grow roots, you’ll still have wings.

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  2. Until he cheats on you, or dies. Never depend on another human being to be your entire world. You came on this planet alone, you will leave alone, and travel into the universe alone.


    • That’s pretty dark, but I see what you mean. This is definitely true but my post is more about the fact that you don’t lose your wild side if you catch feelings – for friends, family, a city. And maybe also the right guy. Who ideally doesn’t cheat on you and lives a happy and long life with you. Optimism is the key!


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