LION: A movie about hope and never giving up

Since today’s Oscar day, I decided to write my Thoughts post about a movie that is nominated for six Oscars and that I’ve just watched on Friday. It’s a movie called Lion about a little boy that gets lost in India, adopted by a couple in Australia and then decides, 20 years later, to find the family he lost again. Sounds simple, sounds like something you can watch on (at least German) trash TV every week. But it’s more than that. It’s a story that made me cry more than once.

And it’s a story that makes you believe that if you set your goals on something and work hard for it, you will make it eventually. It can take years to get where you want to, but it’s worth it.

And it’s also a story that makes you appreciate once again where you were born and how privileged you are. I’ve written about privileged societies before, when I talked about this book called An invisible thread, but this time it’s a little bit different. It’s not about a privileged society. Not about social class. It’s about privileged countries. I know there are poor families and areas in every country. But the poverty you experience in that movie is on a different level. And you feel for the little boy and his family. All the way to the end of the movie. I won’t give away anything, but it’s an end full of tears. At least it was for me.

India is still on top of my bucket list, I really want to experience this country that is so rich on culture, that is so colorful and that has so much delicious food to offer. But after watching that movie, I am reminded once again, that every place we visit has its downsides and I hope you do, too. I’m not saying we should stop traveling, because all the tourism is what a lot of the people over there live off. But I hope that more people are aware of what is happening “behind the scenes” of the hippie area Goa, the buzzing city of New Dehli or the impressiveness of the Taj Mahal.

And because of that, I hope that every once in a while I can remind you with different posts on my blog what story lies behind certain countries we call backpacker heaven. Without losing the desire to experience those countries in all its beauty.

Here’s the trailer to the movie, in case you are interested:


P.S.: I’m having all my fingers crossed for Dev Patel to win the Oscar for that role. He was incredible.

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