Stockholm as a local (and some tourist things to do)

I know I said that before, but I just LOVE visiting people in the cities they live in. Luckily my friend’s are as crazy about moving to different places as I am plus I met so many great people traveling, that I have a few cities around the world where I can feel like a local. And because I don’t want to be selfish, I’ll share all my local knowledge about Stockholm, that I gained the last week, with you guys. Including a few things that are just worth doing when you are visiting. Local touristy things so to speak 🙂

So what should you not miss in Stockholm? 

  • The Old City. Stockholm is beautiful in general. But the cobblestone alleys around the old city are a speciality for itself. They sometimes even remind me of old Bavarian towns.


  • Fotografiska. I’m just a huge photography fan. So whenever I visit a city, I go and check out their photography museum, so I didn’t want to miss Fotografiska. It was my second visit and I really enjoyed it both times. Entrance fee is around 120SEK.
  • Walk along the water. Stockholm has absolutely beautiful buildings. And you can see them best if you go and take a little stroll along the water.


  • Vasa Museum. It’s located on an island called Djurgården and is all about a ship that sunk in 1628 without a real reason. The island itself is pretty cool to walk around as well.


  • The viewpoints. If you walk around Södermalm, there are great viewpoints to see Stockholm from above, for example Monteliusvägen.


Obviously, there are more museums you can visit in Stockholm and definitely a few more things to do, but those are my favourites I wouldn’t miss if I was there.

Where should you go for drinks, coffee or food?

Now on to my actual expertise because since it was freezing cold, we tried to spend as much time as possible inside. So here we go.

  • Café Pascal. This café is a real working space. When we walked in in the morning, I already counted around 10 laptops around. And the atmosphere is definitely perfect for it. It’s not too loud and very relaxed. I also stayed there for about 3 hours to work. It’s located close to the Acne Archive (an Acne “outlet”) and you can reach it via the T-Train.
    P.S.: I still dream about their hot milk chocolate. It was to die for. No exaggeration.


  • Beijing8. This is a chain you can find three times in Stockholm and it’s famous for its chinese Dumplings. Since it’s more of a “fast food” restaurant, where you order at the till and get it within the next 10 minutes, it’s great for a snack before you have to be somewhere (such as a concert, like we did).


  • Bagerie Petrus. A tiny little bakery full of baked deliciousness (as you can see on their Instagram here). You can get a few different sweet things, like chocolate croissants or Kanelbullar (cinammon buns), but also sandwiches and bread(rolls).


  • Snickarbacken 7. This place is real hipster. But since I don’t mind hipster places at all, I could also just say it’s very very cool. It offers different baked goods, a few salads and obviously coffee. And on top of it all, there’s a cool shop linked to it with typical Scandinavian things.


  • Johan & Nyström. This is my friend’s favourite café (apparently they do the best coffee in town), which is why we went there twice. And I gotta say, since they are doing Matcha Lattes, I wouldn’t have cared if we went another time. They also have vegan options, by the way!
  • Hälsocafét. This is the only vegan only restaurant in this list. And even though I’m not vegan, I loved checking it out. It has great juices, acai bowls and a few different dishes such as vegan pizza or zucchini carbonara.
The menu
  • Shanti Gossip. As the name might suggest, this restaurant serves Benghali Streetfood. And it is very very delicious. Since it’s a very popular place, make sure to bring some time as you might have to wait for a table or even better, book ahead, so you can just walk in and enjoy the deliciousness!
  • Marie Laveau. Now let’s start with the restaurants that turn into bars. We went to Marie Laveau for dinner Saturday night and ended up staying until midnight for drinks. They offer Burgers (plus sides) to eat and, next to the usual drinks, a long list of interesting cocktails. And on top of it, it has a cool, buzzing vibe and an interesting crowd. And a restaurant and a club attached to it. So a full package.


  • Boulebar. Yes, you read that right. A bar where you play Boule. Inside. While you get drunk. And I can tell you already, I can’t wait for the day this trend comes to Germany. Even though I suck at Boule, it’s a cool way to do something fun with your friends instead of just hanging out at your usual bar on a weekend.
    There are a few different ones around Stockholm, so I’m sure there’s one close to where you are staying!


  • Hornhuset. This is a bar/club that I already went to the last time I’ve been to Stockholm in 2015. It has three different levels, with different kind of vibes, music and themes. Downstairs they played great hiphop and it was packed, when we were there!
    They are also a restaurant and a café during the day, if you are not that much into the clubbing scene and still want to check it out.

(Almost) all the restaurants are around Södermalm, because that’s where my friend lives and it’s one of the coolest areas of Stockholm anyways.

What else do you have to know about Stockholm?

  • Something that shouldn’t be new to most people: Stockholm’s expensive. Very expensive. You should be aware that a normal dinner for 2 is around 350-400SEK (which is around €35-40) and that normally doesn’t include any alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is very expensive as well, a glas of wine is normally around 80SEK (around €8) and cocktails can go up to 150SEK (around €15).
  • You get around pretty easily with the T-Train (which also goes all night). It’s best to go get a ticket for either 24 or 72 hours, depending on how long you are there, so you can go around as you please. (A 72 hour ticket is 240SEK) You can also buy a one way ticket though, if that’s what you are looking for.
  • The cheapest way to get to Stockholm’s centre from the airport ist the Flygbussarna, it’s 119SEK for a one way ticket.
  • Swedish winter is a bit longer than we are used to normally. I was there in the middle of March once and it was still freezing and snowing. So make sure to check the weather app a few times before you start packing.

Any great restaurant tips I have to check out when I go back? (I’ll hopefully be back this summer to check out the Swedish summer. Excited.)

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