Central Chile: A Photo diary Part 2

Yeah maybe, just maybe, I take too many photos. But in a country like Chile, where you can find so much beauty around every corner (and where no place looks the same) it’s hard not to!
So here’s my second part of the photo diary for central Chile. Find the first one here.


Cachagua Beach

Once again we were lucky to have a car, because that way we were able to stay at one place (which was Zapallar for us) and drive along the coast visiting all the little beach towns we wanted to visit. Since they are all close enough to Valparaìso/Vina del Mar, you can easily visit them on a daytrip by bus or car.





The little “island” you can see on the photo above and also on the one below is full of penguins. For some reason, those cute little animals decided to settle down on there and they never left. Unfortunately there is no other way to get closer than asking fishermen to take you around the island, but since we were visiting during the low season there were no fishermen to ask. Still, if you walk close enough along the beach, you can definitely catch a glimpse of them and their waddling.


Cachagua at sunset





Zapallar Beach itself didn’t really blow me away but I also have to say, I’ve never been a big beach person. But walking around the coast brought me to a few beautiful spots along the way.







In my Lonely Planet, Horcòn was called “a little hippie town”, which made us decide to go there. It wasn’t really hippie in my opinion, but since it was low season most places were closed and we were the only tourists around. I’m sure it’s more like that in the summertime. Nevertheless, I loved it!











If you stay in your own Cabana, like we did, make sure to get fresh fish in Horcòn to cook at home. Ours came straight from those fishermen and was filleted right in front of our eyes. YUM!

Also: There were two young boys riding horses along the beach and whenever one of those fisher boats arrived, they rode into the ocean pulling them all the way to the coast. It was pretty cool to watch!



This little bridge full of lucky bracelets leads away from the town’s market, which is only open on the weekends (which means we missed it..) onto rocks along the water.
Make sure to check out the market if you can, I’m pretty sure it’s worth it. (And it might be another hippie thing this town has to offer!)

So, did my two posts already convince you to visit this wonderful country? If not, go check out my video I made of the trip here, I’m sure you can’t resist anymore after that!

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