Central Chile: A photo diary Part 1

Thanks to my beautiful friend’s wedding on December 17th 2016, I was lucky enough to spend most of my pre-christmas time in Chile.
The wedding took place in Olmué, which is a tiny village between Vina del Mar and Santiago, so we decided to spend our trip only around Central Chile.
We rented a car and drove around Cajon del Maipo and the coast north of Vina del Mar. See for yourself how beautiful and most of all diverse only a small part of Chile can be already!


Dunes in Concòn

Tipp: We took the car to Cocòn but there is a bus as well. The sunset over the dunes is absolutely beautiful and worth the steep way up 🙂


Valparaíso by night




Elevators in Valparaíso

Valparaíso is built on different hills, which are all accessible by steps. If you are too lazy, you can always take one of the many elevators around that take you up the hill in no time for between €0,80 and €1,50.




Vina del Mar


Dunes of Concòn


Vina del Mar


Cajon del Maipo

Tipp: We stayed at the Cascada de las Animas, which was absolutely amazing and included a lot of different activities. The hike to this waterfall was included in the price.


Cajon del Maipo


Wild horses in Cajon del Maipo

Tipp: We rented a car to get around Cajon del Maipo. I guess there are tours that will bring you to the main attractions but as always, you are more independent if you have you own car. Just be aware: The streets are mainly dirt roads.


Cajon del Maipo


Cajon del Maipo


Cajon del Maipo


Cajon del Maipo


Embalse el Yeso


Termas Valle de Colina

Tipp: The termas are around €8 per person, which includes the entrance to the termas but also a camping ticket for the day. If you don’t plan on camping you can still spend all day there. Make sure to bring some snacks and drinks because there’s nowhere to get food close by.


Termas Valle de Colina

The nature around there was breathtaking and I could have taken photos every two seconds. It is definitely worth spending time there!

After that we decided that we were in desperate need of a little beach time so we made our way up the coast. Stay tuned for my photos and a few tips for the area north of Vina del Mar.

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