F**k it. You only live once – 51 Things that are on my bucketlist. For now.

Yeah, I know, Yolo is so 2012. Or 2010? I don’t even know. But still, it’s true. You only live once. And because of that, I believe everyone should have a bucket list. No matter if it consist of seeing the world, buying the house with the white picket fence or starting your own business. Everyone has their own dreams and goals. Here are mine, maybe they inspire you.

#1 Climb an active Vulcano
#2 Succeed at doing a handstand for at least 10 seconds
#3 Donate blood (even though my doctor says my veins are not made for it)
#4 See polar lights – Done in Iceland
#5 Do a safari and see a zebra in the wild – Done in Namibia, Africa


A zebra, shot by me in 2012

#6 Visit Burning Man (another Burn would be okay as well..)
Go to Alaska
 Swim with Dolphins – Done in Kaikoura, New Zealand
Find Nemo – Done in Airlie Beach, Australia
Read about my thoughts about diving here


Diving the Great Barrier Reef, 2010

#10 Sign up for the Tough Mudder – and finish the whole thing!
Do an Irish roadtrip – half done, a few counties are missing though


Cliffs of Moher, Galway, 2016

#12 Do voluntary work abroad, preferably with children 
Learn spanish
I guess Italian would be alright as well. Just any type of southern European language I suppose. 

#14 Ride a horse at the beach
See a sunset over the ocean – Done in different places around the world


Sunset in 1770/Agnes Water, Australia, 2010

#16 Do Yoga at the beach
See a shooting star – Done
The place where I saw the most shooting stars ever was on a sailing boat around the Whitsunday Islands. Breathtaking!

#18 Get on a plane without knowing where it goes
Drive through Havana, Cuba, in an Oldtimer
Try Stand Up Paddling – Done in Sydney, Australia


Stand up Paddling in Australia, 2016

#21 Walk the Camino de Santiago walk – or parts of it
Ride a bike through Germany’s countryside
Go to India
Learn to surf – Done on Bali, Indonesia


I know, I don’t look very happy. It was fun though! 2014

#25 Travel with friends more
#26 See Valparaíso’s Street Art – Done


me in Valparaíso in 2016

#27 Walk around the streets of Tokyo and stay at the Tokyo book hostelDone
#28 Go to Santorini
See PenguinsDone in Chile
Be on a boat on the Mekong – Done


Mekong Delta, Vietnam, 2016

#31 Stand above the clouds on a mountain – Done at Wallberg, Germany
#32 Climb (parts of) the Kilimanjaro
#33 See an Ice bear
#34 Travel Canada from East to West in a Campervan
#35 Go to the swing in Baños, Ecuador


Photo by Luz Carriero from Bee Traveler (Instagram: Bee.Traveler)

#36 Swim with Pigs in Barbados
#37 Take a cooking class in Italy
#38 See the fjords in Norway – Done

#39 Walk along the Great Wall of China
#40 See Machu Picchu – Done


Me at Machu Picchu in 2013

#41 Travel Australia’s West Coast
#42 See more of Europe’s countryside: Scandinavia, England, Scotland…
#43 Skinny dipping. With someone special.
#44 Go to Japan for cherry blossom season
#45 Stroll the streets of Lisbon, Portugal – Done

#46 Give surfing another try
Like mentioned above, I’ve tried. But I failed. So let’s try again.

#47 Go to a concert in Nashville, USA
#48 Do a Thai Boxing Class in Thailand
#49 Take the Glacier Express
I mean, look at that

#50 Dance at Karneval der Kulturen, Berlin
#51 Float on the Dead Sea – Done


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