Travelers’ Tales: A tale about AirBnb

There are people out there who love Airbnbs and then there are people who think it is weird to stay in random people’s houses, maybe even with them being home, and prefer hotels or hostels. Some people say, they would only stay with other people, for example as a couple and never alone.
But no matter what your opinion on Airbnbs are, I’m sure this story would make you see and understand the positive side of it a bit more!



In February this year, me and two friends made a roadtrip around Ireland – Galway, Cork and a few places in between – during which we stayed in an Airbnb both in Galway and in Cork.
In Galway we stayed with this lovely couple from Singapore. We were their first guests and they really did everything to make us feel welcome: maps of the city, flyers of what to do in town and a huge, very very delicious breakfast. We decided to keep in touch over Facebook even though we only stayed for a night. We didn’t really talk though, just the occasional Facebook-like.

When I went to Singapore on a layover between Australia and Vietnam in October, I posted it on Facebook. Just to say goodbye to Australia and let everyone know I’m on to new adventures. My Airbnb host from Galway commented on it, saying she needs to give me so many tips and I was delighted to have someone who can tell me where to go and what to do, so I messaged her.




Little did I know that they actually just moved back to Singapore!
Of course we decided to meet up and they picked me up at the hotel and we went to two different restaurants for dinner (don’t judge! :D). It was so lovely to have people I felt comfortable around, since I felt a bit lonely all day, being by myself in a big hotel.

So the moral of the story: Airbnb can have its perks! And so does Facebook 🙂

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