Decisions: One big trip or one country at a time?

I guess this question doesn’t apply to everyone. The working individual obviously doesn’t have time to take one big 3-6 months trip around Asia. I, for example, probably won’t find the time for it anymore.

So I know this might not be something that is interesting for everyone but when traveling Vietnam and meeting so many people who did one big trip all around Asia it reminded me of my big trip in 2013/2014 and it made me wonder: What way is the better way to travel?

Spoiler: There is no better way. Both ways have their ups and downs. But let’s talk about them.

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People of Asia

Whenever I travel, I love to take photos of the people living there. I had to take a taste of my own medicine one time in Hoi An, when suddenly the owner of a little street food stall wanted to take photos of me and my friend while we were eating her food. I guess we’ll end up on trip advisor. But like I said, it was a taste of my own medicine. If i do it to them, they might as well do it to me.

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Travelers’ Tales: A tale about AirBnb

There are people out there who love Airbnbs and then there are people who think it is weird to stay in random people’s houses, maybe even with them being home, and prefer hotels or hostels. Some people say, they would only stay with other people, for example as a couple and never alone.
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Planning a trip to Vietnam? Here are 10 things you might want to know

Vietnam is one of the main countries people visit when they go to South East Asia. Because it still is very traditional but it is also “western” enough for people who might not be too comfortable outside their own comfort zone.
As you’ve seen from my blogposts here and here, I just came back from my trip there and discovered a few things that might be interesting to know when you plan your trip.

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