A hidden Australian gem: Lord Howe Island

Have you heard of Lord Howe Island before? No? You are not alone. Most Australians I ask have no clue that this tiny island, that’s part of New South Wales, even exits. Which is definitely a shame because it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to.

The view from the plane when arriving

Lord Howe Island is a pretty small island with a population of around 350 and only 400 tourists are allowed on it at once. Which means, that even in the high season it is a rather quiet place.
Two things that add to this relaxed atmosphere all around the island are the speed limit of 25 km/h and the fact that you won’t get any service on your phone anywhere. So whenever you’re not home/in your hotel where there’s wifi, you actually have to look around and enjoy the nature. Yeah, I know, so annoying.


Like mentioned already, the island is very small but there are still things to do, obviously. You can go snorkelling (and you don’t even have to take a boat anywhere, the reef starts right at the beach basically), kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming or hiking.
Just ask at the place you are staying for the equipment and they might also be able to tell you where to go exactly.

A good thing about being on an island is, that when it’s very windy on the one side, you can always go to a beach on the other side and chances are very high that it’s less windy there.

Mt Eliza

I definitely recommend doing a hike up one of the mountains. There are a few hikes to choose from, so even if you’re not experienced, you’ll still be able to enjoy the breathtaking view over the island.

I did two mountains, number one was the Goat House Cave, which is definitely a more medium hike which involves a few ropes. So if you have problems with your knees or if you are just not fit, I wouldn’t recommend doing it. (Bare in mind though that I’m not the fittest person either but I’ve made it up in one piece!)
The second one was on the northern side of the island and a bit easier, called Mt Eliza.

Goat House Cave Lookout

Unfortunately we gotta talk about the negative sides of the island, too. And they might be the reason why people have never heard of the island before: It’s unbelievable expensive. A flight from Sydney to Lord Howe Island (which takes around 1.5 hours on a tiny propeller plane and only goes twice a day) costs minimum around AUS$ 1,200 and accommodation over there isn’t cheap either. That’s why the visitors are in certain demographics and you won’t find any backpackers around as you do on Australia’s east coast.


So to put it in a nutshell: Lord Howe Island is absolute paradise, but a trip there definitely requires a bit of money. But if you ever decide to go, trust me, you won’t regret a thing!

Mt Eliza

P.S.: In case you now think I’m the richest travel blogger out there, you are wrong, I am just very lucky that I met a guy traveling who’s from the island and lives there now. He was able to get me a discount for flights (it’s a family and friends thing) and I stayed with him. So no, I’m not unbelievably rich either 🙂

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