A few restaurant tips for Sydney, because who doesn’t love food?

Being in Sydney for the third time allows me to live here a bit more like a local than I did the last two times. And living like a local means going out for breakfast, lunch or dinner every once in a while. And because there are so many amazing places all around Sydney, I decided to collect them for you!

Like I’ve mentioned a few times before, I am very bad at taking photos of my food, so I also added a few places where I don’t really have any photos, but I promise they are still very good!

#1 Doughnut time

If you ask anyone around Sydney or Melbourne where to get the best Doughnuts, I’m pretty sure they’ll tell you to go to Doughnut Time. You can find the stores all around Sydney (and Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Brisbane) and all of them are more a walk-by-grab-a-dougnut kind of store without having seats to actually sit down. And all of their doughnuts look so delicious that it’s pretty hard to walk by and NOT grab one of them.

(Check out their website for all their locations.)

#2 Shuk

Shuk is a cafe located in North Bondi and as the name suggests, it does have a middle eastern kind of touch to its food. On the photo below you can see a sandwich with haloumi, a tomato paste and avocado, but they offer a whole range of breakfast but also lunch dishes inspired by the middle eastern kitchen.
And if you don’t have time to stay, they also do pastries and coffee to go!

#3 Brewtown Newtown

This restaurant is located in – surprise – Newtown and is specialised in coffee – another surprise. We ordered the breakfast burger which was as good as it looks. Hashbrown, bacon, fried egg and a bit of lettuce makes it perfect for a filling brunch dish. They do have other options, such as poached eggs with smoked salmon and couscous salad, belgian waffles with orange ricotta, stewed fruits and caramalised figs or others.

They also do Lunch and pastries and on top of all of that, there’s a vintage shop located on the upper floor.

#4 The Grounds of Alexandria

The Grounds of Alexandria is something that’s hard to explain. It’s literally an enchanted place full of little spots to get food, flowers or just relax. For me, it would be the perfect wedding location, I’m not even kidding. Too bad it’s not really close to where I live..

But back to the place. It’s owned by one company but offers three different places to eat: The Café, The Potting Shed and The Garden. Coffee, breakfast, dinner – whatever you want to have, they’ll offer it!

#5 Sadhana

I’m not vegan. Not even vegetarian. But I don’t mind trying out some vegan places here and there. Sadhana is one of them.
Located in North Bondi, it offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, all organic and all vegan. And all good.
I had Eggs Benedict and even though it obviously wasn’t an actual egg, it was delicious! And the iced matcha on top of it made it the perfect, healthy breakfast.

A few really good restaurants where I failed to take photos before I started eating are the following:

Mad Pizza (Bondi, Newtown, Surry Hills)

Mad Pizza has really good Pizza and a few Pasta dishes to choose from as well. If you’re a big group you can call them in advance and do an all you can eat feast where they bring all their different dishes out for the group to try.


Yulli’s is a vegetarian restaurant in Surry Hills, that offers asian tapas-like dishes in different sizes – perfect for a small group, that way you can eat yourself through the menu without regret!

Porch and Parlour

Porch and Parlour is located in North Bondi as well and is a café with a range of brunch options. They are also open for dinner Wednesday til Saturday and sundowners on Sunday.

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