Follow to Unfollow? Stop that bullsh**

Today I want to rant about something that’s been on my mind for a little while now and is now, that I had to start all over again on Instagram, annoying me even more: The whole follow to unfollow trend.

There’s so much that annoys me about this that I don’t even know where to start.

But mainly it’s the simple question: why? Sure, you wanna be all insta-famous, because isn’t that what we are all striving for these days (hint: sarcasm), but have you not heard of apps à la Followers that can easily show Instagram users which of their followers are there “for the right reasons”? (I’ve been watching too much Bachelor in Paradise, hence this expression haha)


This app helps to track unfollowers

I know from experience how it feels like when you follow someone and you just don’t get a follow back. Maybe you think for a second that it’s not fair and that person doesn’t deserve your follow. But this is not what Instagram is about.

Instagram is an app that should inspire you. You are supposed to follow accounts that you get inspiration from – in fashion, travel or life in general. People whose photos you look at and think “wow, I’d love to have that one hanging in my apartment”. And this is sincere admiration for people’s work. Therefore, for me, unfollowing is a way of saying “your photos only matter to me as long as mine matter to you”. And, to take that to a bit of an intense level that shouldn’t be taken too seriously and literally: Would you do that to Monet, Andy Warhol or Karl Lagerfeld? Only loving their art when they love yours? (I know Monet air Warhol are dead. But I’m sure you get my point.)


I guess what I’m trying to say and what I’m also trying to follow as well: follow accounts you like because you like their content. And it’s wonderful if you get a follow back, because that means that that person is inspired by your photos as much as you are by theirs. But even if not: it’s only Instagram. If you don’t have the highest amount of followers, your life will still go on. Inspired by great accounts with amazing photo content.

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