Irish Daytrip: Bray to Greystone

Now, that I am done with my master dissertation (WOHOO) I can once again enjoy the perks of living in Dublin, one of them being the beautiful nature surrounding the city.

Just the other day me and my friend decided to go to Bray. Bray is a little town at the ocean, which looks a little bit like a typical British coastal town. It has a few places to eat along the esplanade and it also has a little funfair (mainly for kids) located at the end of it.


We decided to walk all the way up to Bray’s Head, which is the (little) mountain located at the southern end of the beach. Why I put the word “little” in brackets? Well, because it might look like a hill when looking at it but the way up is actually exhausting. I am going to the gym a lot and I’d say I’m okay-trained for things like that, but it was definitely exhausting to walk up there and I was pretty sore in my legs and my behind the day after. But once you’re up there (it’s only about a 30 minute hike) you forget all about it.


The thing that fascinates me most about Irish landscape is how colourful it actually is. The nature doesn’t only display different varieties of green but there are patches of bright yellow, beautiful violet and the grey rocks all around.
And even though the weather wasn’t great that day, it was just mesmerizing sitting up there and taking it all in with the quiet sea lying right in front of us.


We then took a walk downhill to Greystone, a harbour city just a bit further south from Bray. Here we had late lunch at The Happy Pear, a healthy food place located close to the DART station in Greystone. Once again I failed on taking a photo of our food (I guess I have so much more to learn…) but I promise you it was delicious and not too expensive! (I had a vegetarian lasagne with two different salads, one with carrots and quinoa, one was a couscous salad, all together for €10.)

EDIT: you can find a great blogpost about the Happy Pear with tons of photos over at Amanda’s blog Burger Abroad here, if you are interested in more info!


How to get here? You can take the DART from Dublin to Bray, which will take you about 40 Minutes. From there you can just walk along the water towards the mountain. There’s also a cliff walk if you’re not much of a hike person, which looks beautiful as well.

How much is it? Since you are walking from Bray to Greystone, a return ticket from Dublin to Bray doesn’t make a lot of sense, since you won’t be able to take the train with that ticket down in Greystone, because it’s a station further than Bray obviously. (That’s the mistake I made, and I had to pay an extra single ticket for the one station.) Therefore I’d pay the single ticket from Dublin to Bray and then a single one from Greystone to Dublin. All in total this should be around €8.

What to bring? Definitely bring water for the walk up. You don’t really need snacks for the walk, if you have food before, because it only takes you about 1.5-2 hours from Bray to Greystone with a little stop on top. If you’re going on a fairly windy day, I’d recommend taking a hat, because chances are that it’s even windier on top of the mountain. Also, try to wear runners, it is a pretty rocky and root-y walk up!


My plan is to do this walk again, maybe on a more sunny day. For updates on this and on other daytrips from Dublin, just check my Facebook page every once in a while, I’ll make sure to keep posting photos of things I do 🙂

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