A daytrip from Munich: Eibsee

There’s a German saying, which is inspired by one of Goethe’s poems, that translates a little bit like this: “Why travel far, if beauty is so close?”

A place that for me, as a girl born and raised in Munich, is the best example to support that saying is Eibsee, a lake in the Bavarian town Garmisch-Partnekirchen, which is around an hour south of Munich. This lake is right at the bottom of Germany’s biggest mountain, Zugspitze, and is, especially because of its greenish-blue colour, one of the most beautiful Bavarian lakes I’ve been to.


In the summertime the lake is pretty busy, especially because there are not that many places to lie down, so the spots where it is possible are pretty packed. Still, it is worth a visit every time.

I’ve been there a few times now, and no matter if you want to go sit down at one spot and just enjoy the beauty of it or walk around the whole lake (it’s almost 8 km), you’ll love it.


How to get there? You can get to the lake by car, there’s a carpark right at the lake as well, or there’s a bus from Garmisch center that’ll take you there as well.

Tipp: Except for a restaurant and a shop right where the carpark is, there is no place to get food or drinks anywhere around the lake. So make sure to either pack a good bit to drink and snack or get something at the start.

The restaurant right at the beginning, called Eibsee Pavillon either has a Biergarten part, where you can get food at the counter and sit down wherever, or a restaurant part where you have more options à la carte.
We had food at the actual restaurant (our choice were the Käsespätzle, a typical bavarian dish made out of egg pasta and lots of cheese) and it was delicious and not too expensive!

IMG_7541IMG_7528IMG_7526IMG_8084 (1)IMG_8067

Doesn’t it look like paradise?

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