Minimalism beyond traveling

When you go traveling, you just pack a small amount of things. A backpack full. A few t-shirts, a few shorts, a few sweaters, one or maybe two pairs of shoes, toiletries, your camera, a book and maybe a few other things. Everything else is seen as “luxury pieces” you don’t really need.

I’ve heard of so many people who went traveling for a year. Or longer. And they only lived with what they had and they were all so happy with it and told everyone how that’s all they need and that’s how they’ll continue to live once they are back. Every day as it comes, only a few things in their closet, no materialism anymore. And I always envy those people for being like that.

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Rock en Seine: Dancing under the Eiffel Tower

Next weekend, Rock en Seine Festival takes place in Paris, France.
Last year, on that exact weekend, I visited that festival for the first time.
So for everyone who is heading there next weekend OR is planning on heading there any time in the future, I thought I’d write a little (late) review about how I experienced the festival in France’s capital.

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Irish Daytrip: Bray to Greystone

Now, that I am done with my master dissertation (WOHOO) I can once again enjoy the perks of living in Dublin, one of them being the beautiful nature surrounding the city.

Just the other day me and my friend decided to go to Bray. Bray is a little town at the ocean, which looks a little bit like a typical British coastal town. It has a few places to eat along the esplanade and it also has a little funfair (mainly for kids) located at the end of it.

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A daytrip from Munich: Eibsee

There’s a German saying, which is inspired by one of Goethe’s poems, that translates a little bit like this: “Why travel far, if beauty is so close?”

A place that for me, as a girl born and raised in Munich, is the best example to support that saying is Eibsee, a lake in the Bavarian town Garmisch-Partnekirchen, which is around an hour south of Munich. This lake is right at the bottom of Germany’s biggest mountain, Zugspitze, and is, especially because of its greenish-blue colour, one of the most beautiful Bavarian lakes I’ve been to.

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