Rainy Dublin: There are still some things to do

Unfortunately, Dublin is a city with unpredictable weather. One morning the sun is out and you decide to ride your bike to college and suddenly on your way back it’s pouring rain. This means, that also when you are visiting the city (or you live here and friends come over to visit you) that you can never fully plan the weekend without having indoor options. And because once it comes to a situation where you need those options you are always blank and can’t think of anything, here are my favourite things to do in Dublin when it’s raining.

#1 IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art)

This museum is one of the prettiest ones I’ve been to in a while. And this is only the outside. It is a complex built in a square with a big court in the middle.
For the permanent exhibitions, the entrance is free. Check their website for any of the current exhibitions.


IMMA courtyard by me

#2 Mary Street to Grafton Street

Yes, Shopping. This might not be for everyone but I, for myself, spend way more time in shops than outside, so I feel like shopping is a good activity when it’s raining. And if you have a lot of time you should definitely start at the beginning of Mary Street (where Jervis Shopping Centre is located) and work your way along Henry Street and O’Connell Street towards Grafton Street and the Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre. (Obviously it also works the other way around.)

#3 Gallery of Photography

That’s one of the things in Dublin I haven’t tried yet but it’s still on my list! Not only does it offer great exhibitions (you can check out the current ones here) but it also offers workshops all around photography and you can also hire a Darkroom if you are already advanced.


A photography exhibition by me (but in Stockholm)

#4 Pint in a Pub

Well, this one’s a given. And luckily, no one will look at you strangely if you decide to walk into a pub in the middle of the day and order a pint. So whenever you feel like warming up and maybe even listening to great live music, just walk into the nearest pub and have a pint!


A pint at Garage Bar by me

#5 Lighthouse Cinema

No it’s not a Cinema located in a Lighthouse (honestly, that’s what I though when people kept on talking about it) but it still is a pretty cool place to see. You don’t really feel like you are in a cinema until you actually enter the auditorium and sit down on one of the folding seats and nibble your popcorn. And the prices are still pretty affordable for a cinema.lighthousecinema.ie

#6 Flea market

Dublin has so many great flea and vintage markets, that it’s sometimes hard to decide where to go first.
The Dublin Food Co-op for example offers great markets every Sunday with a wide selection of food as well. The Bernard Shaw pub also started offering Saturday flea markets with a lot of different stalls to wander around and discover hidden treasures. Besides that, every once a while some of Dublin’s finest vintage shops, such as Tola Vintage, are offering Kilo Sales where you can shop their best pieces for 20€ per Kilo. It takes a lot of effort to work through all of those racks but it’s definitely worth it!
There’s also a small flea market at The Grand Social every Sunday, which might be a bit dark but it still offers great treasures every once in a while. So yeah, that’s not even all of them but it’s best to just check what’s happening on that weekend before you visit.


The Bernard Shaw Flea Market by me

#7 Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Café

I love food. And I love to discover new places every once in a while and trust me, Dublin has plenty of them! This is why I started my category Hometown Favourites: Dublin where I am going to post my favourite Restaurants, Cafes and Bars around Dublin. I am positive that you could spend a whole weekend going from breakfast to coffee to lunch to afternoon tea to dinner without getting bored of the food or the places here in Dublin.

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