A daytrip from Munich: Taubenstein

And another daytrip, just like promised.

Last week, me and my mum couldn’t really make a decision where to go. We have about 5 books flying around our house with the best trekking tours around Bavaria and Austria and we just couldn’t decide. In the end we decided to go to Taubenstein, a mountain close to Schliersee, just about an hour drive from Munich. We took a car but if you take a train into Schliersee, you can also go from there.

There are two ways to do it. You can either trek up the mountain, all the way to one of the huts, or you take a gondola up to a little station and from there you can walk your way to any of the huts you are interested in. We chose the second option and then walked to Rotwandhaus, one of the “Einkehr”-restaurants. The walk took us about 1.5 hours from where the gondola took us, with a few stops in between.


Rotwandhaus waiting at the end of the path

Because my mum never really goes trekking we wanted to do a fairly easy walk, to just enjoy the nature and the good weather. Our guide book also said that it’s going to be that way but I gotta warn everyone who has some injuries or just wants to take a walk and have a nice lunch: It’s not the trek to take then. Even though it gets easier after a while it is a pretty rocky start (quite literally).


the view along the way


made some new friends as well

Which doesn’t mean that it’s not worth it. The nature around there is absolutely gorgeous and once you get to Rotwandhaus you are in for a treat! We shared both the Käsespätzle (typical German egg pasta with LOTS of cheese) and spinach dumplings and both were super delicious! (I never take pictures of food because I just forget and because I just don’t really like it but here I had to because it even LOOKED yummy.)




Spinach dumplings

Okay. Enough with the words, just look at the photos and be convinced. It’s worth a trip!


another great view


And one from me almost at the top. But not really.

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