Dublin Restaurants: Skinflint

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I never really was the biggest Pizza fan. Whenever I went to an Italian restaurant I got Pasta and I can’t even explain why. Pizza just never made it on the decision list.

Lately, I start realising that I actually really do like Pizza. And there are a few places I could definitely recommend to you around Dublin. But let’s start with the first one which might be a bit “different”.

Skinflint, a place that is part of a bigger group together with a few other restaurants in Dublin (Crackbird and Jo Burger) is what I would call a hipster place. It is hidden in Crane Lane, just off Dame Street in Temple Bar and once you step into it, you will see what I mean. There are approximately eight tables in there, all made out of old doors covered by a glass plate and bar stools around them, the food obviously comes on wooden boards and the lamps are naked light bulbs surrounded by “lampshades” out of metal.


But now let’s talk about the important part: the pizza.

Skinflint offers more than just your usual pizza toppings. Every one of their choices is so special, that I even had to google some of the toppings. But everyone of them is unique. Egg and truffle oil? Grapes, goats cheese and rosemary? They’ve got it all.
And to make it even more special, there’s honey to put on your pizza. The first time I was there, I just looked at the honey and though “who the hell would do something like that”. The second time I gave it a try. And now I wouldn’t want to eat it without it. Give it a try!


The pizzas are around €12 each but here’s a tip: Mondays they do 2 for 1. And I can’t say it enough: It’s worth it!

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