Berlin Tipps off the beaten tracks

Since I am German and Berlin is our capital, I’ve been there a few times before. And I’ve definitely seen all the sights you have to see more than once. This doesn’t keep me away from Berlin but it definitely changes my stays there because I now try to “live” like a local and experience the real Berlin.

And because Berlin grows on me more and more the more I visit it, I decided to share a few of the places (which are mostly restaurants, I gotta admit) to maybe make you feel like a local as well the next time you are going. Or just to give you some inspiration where to eat. Either way works for me! So here it comes.

Blaues Band

This place was on my where-to-eat list for Berlin for a pretty long time and I never made it there on my visits. This time I actually did. And it was worth the wait. The place is located in Berlin Mitte, not far from Hackescher Markt and serves breakfast until 4pm, so perfect for everyone who either loves sleeping in or is a sucker for breakfast food for lunch. We all ordered pancakes so I can’t tell you how anything else on the menu is, but it all looked and sounded amazing. They do any type of breakfast, typical german one, english one, scrambled eggs or anything else you might want. Heaven! Also, they have a small lunch menu for both vegetarians and those that love meat. It’s definitely the perfect spot to have a shopping break! (And they do WiFi for everyone who can’t live without it.)


Photocredits to my girl Katie Drea


You can find tons of burger places around Berlin and I’m pretty sure most of them are good. But one of my favourites from the very beginning of the burger hype is Burgeramt, located in Friedrichshain right at Boxhagener Platz. It’s a typical Berlin place, a bit dark inside, the ceilings covered in concert posters and no fancy tablecloths or other details. It’s all about the burger. And they really don’t need any details to distract from them because they are really good! And there are a few choices for vegetarians as well. If you want to order fries keep in mind that they are huge. We ordered three portions, one each, and we ended up taking two of them home. (Also, no WiFi here.)


Mediterranean Burger with Halloumi and a lot of grilled vegetables

Santa Maria (Eastside)

As the name already gives away, this is a Mexican restaurant. There are two of them in Berlin, one in Neukölln and one in Friedrichshain, just around the corner from Burgeramt. We were lucky because we went there on a Tuesday where they offer Taco Tuesday, so every taco for €1 and they also had Happy hour, so Magaritas were only €4. Bargain!
The place isn’t really big and obviously on Tuesdays it is pretty crowded but we were eating on a bar-like table on the wall and ended up having a few drinks outside afterwards. It definitely had a great, cool and relaxed atmosphere.


Burritos and Tacos at Santa Maria also by Katie Drea

Blank Vintage

Well, we didn’t ONLY eat. We also shopped. And I discovered a vintage shop which already calls itself the cheapest vintage shop in Berlin and it definitely is true. Or at least it is one of the cheapest ones, I haven’t tried all of them. I bought a jeans vest from Guess for €5 and amazing jeans from Lee for €20. And that was just the stuff I though I really needed. I could have bought more for sure. It is located in Warschauer Straße and the sales people were really friendly as well. It’s worth a visit if you’re into Vintage shops!
Other than that, Berlin Mitte has a lot of nice ones, such as Made in Berlin or Pick ‘n Weigh.


Another thing I found a flyer off at the tourist information is We didn’t try it but it sounded pretty cool. You can do a Street Art Tour like I did one in London and afterwards, they take you to a atelier where you can do your own piece of art to take home. I’ll definitely try to do that when I go back!
On top of that, Berlin offers so many great fleamarkets, such as the Mauerpark Fleamarket, that you could just stroll around those all weekend.

Areas you should definitely check out to find some cool restaurants to try, are Neukölln and Friedrichshain. Neukölln is definitely quieter but that doesn’t take away from all the cool bars and restaurants around. We tried Monella one night (sorry, the food was too good and we were too hungry to take pictures) and their Pizza is divine!


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