Irish Daytrips: Killiney and Dalkey

Living in Ireland has a really big advantage: Everything is so close that you can explore the whole country with the help of daytrips. On my birthday a month ago, I really wanted to go to the seaside and enjoy a nice walk on the beach. I mean, when you live so close to the ocean, why not take advantage of it?

So my roommate gave me the recommendation to go to Killiney.
Killiney is just around 30 minutes by DART away from Dublin (there’s a DART station at Victoria Street and one at Connolly Street, so one on the Southside and one on the Northside).
Once we drove into Killiney I was speechless for a second. These cliffs full of different greens and flowers in yellow or violet and then this endless ocean!

We just got off at Killiney Station and walked up and down the beach. Unfortunately it started raining at one point so it wasn’t the most comfortable walk from that moment on but I guess it’s Ireland and that’s what you have to expect at any time 🙂


We then started to become a bit hungry, but since Killiney doesn’t have an actual town centre itself, we took the DART back one station to Dalkey, a small, typical Irish town. I guess Dalkey has more pubs, restaurants and wineries than other shops but that’s what gives it that special appeal, I’d say. Also, again, it’s Ireland, what do you expect?


Because it’s hard to explain how beautiful everything around there is, I’ll just let photos speak.


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