The problem with emotions

Have you ever heard people saying that you should stop complaining because your problems are not as bad as those of others?
Anyone who told you that is wrong.

We live in such an advanced time but we still somehow forget (or want to forget) about mental health and everything that’s surrounding it. Because even though your problems might not be as bad as the ones of people that have to flee from war or that just found out they have an incurable disease, they still matter. They all do.

Because we all deal with problems in our own ways and some people are able to just forget about that boy that just dumped them right away and others might take two years to get over it. And trust me, that’s fine. And if you ever get to that point again where people say that you should stop whining and get over yourself, don’t get mad at them and make sure you don’t take it personally. But take your time to get over things. To process things. Talk about them. Maybe even with someone from the outside.

Our college is offering free counseling sessions for students at a counseling office in town. And even though there are still people out there who think only crazy people go to a counselor, I think it’s a great step in the right direction. Because it’s something that can bring you back on the right track.

Every year, so many people decide to end their lives. Because they can’t handle the voices in their head anymore that say they are not good enough, they are not pretty enough, they should have done this or they should have done that. And that’s where society needs to step in. Because no one will dare to say “Hey, I wanna go see a counselor” if they are insecure already and everyone around them talks about it as if people who do were lunatics. Because they are not. They are just like you and me with problems that they might just want to share with people who don’t know anything about them. And that should be considered normal.

And even if seeing a counselor seems so far away for some people, there are other ways that can help. Sport, Art, Meditation or just starting a diary. Baby steps.


by me

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